4 Effective Hotel Amenities for a Shoe String Budget in Salt Lake City

A few great places to visit are easy to cross off your list because you can easily do them! SLC in Utah offers a great many reasonable hotels with decent enough amenities to not make you feel you’ve compromised on anything.

If you want a good mix of entertainment and business, and lots more entertainment, Salt Lake City in Utah is the place to choose for your next vacation. It is known for world-famous musical events including plays and concerts and is also known to be one of the best business locations with state-of-the-art conference centers distributed across the map. Apart from that, the city also has its fair share of malls, museums, restaurants, ski trails, parks and pubs amongst others.

All those reasons are major factors which attribute to Salt Lake City receiving a large number of visitors on a regular basis. Whether on a trip to catch your favorite play or artist, or to crack your next business deal, most visitors are here for a couple of days, then check out the lakes and forests, and come back to complete the week or fortnight. They would generally look for decent accommodation which is not too heavy in their pockets while providing their guests with basic amenities.

Here is a list of hotel amenities for a reasonable budget in SLC. These are what you should get on a shoestring budget:


Places which have been around since the ‘stone age’ already have internet service available for guests. This is one freebie that everyone looks forward to, and even places like airports and cafes have been providing their guests with free wifi for a while now. In an age where human-technology interaction is increasing, and people cannot seem to keep their hands off various gadgets, the free wifi is a differentiator. Without it, guests are likely to skip their choice. So, remember folks, you might get a lot for the very little money, but without free internet, it can be difficult during emergencies. Even looking up places on the internet will be difficult. No wifi should automatically be a big no-no. Free wifi if your accommodation is out in the wild is still available. But sometimes, you just got to do without it!

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The old saying goes, “Breakfast should be eaten like a king.” After all, it is the most important meal of the day and what gives you the energy to start it. Back in the day, the option of having your breakfast at the place you were putting up in was optional and not part of the room rates. It would come for a nominal extra cost. These days, most places that offer accommodation include this option in the various deals that they offer for their rooms. It is an easier option to get up in the morning and know that breakfast awaits you under the same roof as your lodging, as compared to having to go out and then get hold of a meal.

The mini bar

While no hotel or B&B has ever been known to give the contents of it mini bar away free of cost, it always helps to know that there is something around to either nibble or sip on when those midnight hunger pangs come. The lazier bunch would appreciate this option a lot.

Towels and hygiene

Imagine traveling hundreds of miles just to discover you have not packed a towel for that refreshing shower! Even the most basic places have been known to provide their guests with clean towels for their duration of stay, but some fail. One sure way to find out reviews. It’s the kind of thing that gets talked about a lot if a hotel doesn’t live up to hygiene expectations.

Just make sure you scan all the offers and go for a couple of extras, and complimentary value adds. They apply all throughout the year, as Salt Lake City concerts receive visitors with different interests during that time. Services like laundry are generally available everywhere, at an extra cost, while some places are known to provide extra toiletries at no charge. You might also find a place which throws in something like a fireplace or a free massage.

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