Follow the Guidelines to Expand Android’s Battery Life

The number of Android mobile phone users has been increasing day by day. Web developers, all around the world are working for the betterment of IT industry, Android mobile app development is also a part of it. The professional Android mobile developers worked together and successfully launched its featured versions. No doubt, in this era of revolutionary betterment ideas, people like to prefer smartphones for quick & easy access from calling to paying the bills. One can manage everything that can be accessible on the web. But Android phones consume so much battery while handling multiple apps.

Just think when you are outside the house, and your battery is quickly draining away and what you need to do is to squeeze out all the battery until you plug in again. But you can’t save it for several hours. Nowadays if you want to keep connected to the digital & online services, you have to keep your device alive, and such thing is only possible by keeping the battery safe and long lasting. In this order, there are several ways you can conserve the battery life for longer for regular usage.

Here we are listing down a number of tips to save battery life whether your phone’s battery is pointing to 75 percent or left for dying on 10 percent or less:

Close or shut down the functions you are not utilizing

Android smart phones are featured with multiple functionalities, and most of the features have been left in active mode whether they are in use or not, for example, Wi-Fi, GPS location service, Bluetooth, and NFC. If you are not using any of it, then turn it off. If you are ranging in a poor signal network then turn on the Airplane mode, so the phone doesn’t keep trying to connect to the networks.

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Shut down the phone

If you are not waiting for any important call or you don’t have to make any call or text to anyone, then you can turn off your phone. Its better to shut down your phone until you need it again, this way you can save your phone’s battery and your phone will run for long. Just unplug it and enjoy reading a book.

Reduce the brightness

Why keep so bright display, your phone’s screen consumes so much of the battery life, and often you ignore it. So pay attention and reduce the brightness because there are times when you need battery extension for longer. This tip will help you to utilize the battery for more couple of hours.

Make a check on apps

Your device has been loaded with multiple Android mobile applications, so you have to make a check on apps. Which apps are draining the battery life most? Go to the application manager and force stop the apps that are not of much use and running down the battery.

Except this, you can download some apps which take care of the battery and manage battery drainage like clean master, etc. So keep the things simple and try such ideas to maintain the battery power.

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