Reasons Why You Need to Attend the Higher Life Conference with Pastor Chris

Pastor Chris is one of the most renounced men of God and has been offering impeccable services to congregations in many places all over the world. He is a strong believer in God and has over the past years conducted conferences to serve Jesus beside performing other activities like healing, curbing infertility among many others. The famous man of God hails from Nigeria and has gained a lot of reputation from his works of humility. Pastor Chris has launched some ministries in the United Kingdom, Nigeria, and other countries and through his ministries, Pastor Chris serves a vast number of believers with the aim of bringing them closer to God and empowering them.

Most of Pastor Chris`s conferences as well as ministries always attract millions of worshippers who always have the desire to seek God and receive his favor. He will hold his conference in September 2017, at O2 Arena, London in England. The event will take three days, and it will highly focus on the particular ministry of the Holy Spirit with the aim of enacting believers with knowledge and insight about God. Besides, the event is aimed at helping people understand God and the primary reasons why he does his various mysterious deeds. Pasto Chris Oyakhilome believes that the ministry will be profoundly successful and that it will empower a vast number of believers.

Over the past years, Pastor Chris has held a huge number of conferences in some countries including South Africa, United States, Canada, among others, and it has always been successful with a lot of people giving testimonies on the great works of the pastor and the impeccable healing acts that he conducts. This year’s conference will commence, with opening prayers and worship songs to enrich believers with God`s blessings and presence. The conference will later feature various performances from renowned gospel musicians, music festivals, healing, miracles and many other inspiring activities. Through his performances, Pastor Chris has highly transformed the lives of many individuals especially those with hardships. Besides, he has helped to change the economic level of many countries, improved the living standards of many people in various countries as well as changed the government in nations.

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The pastor`s ability to change the power of the word into action has left many people gaining a lot of faith and hope in life, besides committing their lives to Christ. Every individual in attendance of Pastor Chris`s conferences has always been left wondering on the great miracles that God performs to his people. Each of Pastor Chris`s conferences have always been recorded over the past years to act as an inspiration to all individuals who have faith in the Lord Jesus.

This year’s conference registration to the public will start on Monday, August 7th, and the conference will entail only one session in the afternoon each day. Any individuals interested in attending the afternoon sessions will have to pay a little amount of cash to cater for the short seminar.

Pastor Chris is a great figure in the domain of religion and is a great founder of Christ Embassy – the Believers Love World incorporated, which targets in expanding its service to a larger number of believers in the world. The pastor has earned an excellent reputation due to his humble nature and dedication towards helping people tackle their life issues through Christ. Pastor Chris is also an exclusive author and Rhapsody of Realities is one of his major publications, through which he inspires believers and encourages them to seek God for his kind deeds. He also believes in the art of sharing ideas with other people and has done partnerships with many other spiritual leaders to learn from them alongside empowering them.

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