Will you gain the weight back after taking weight loss pills?

Many people are using weight loss pills instead of exercise to reduce their weight. Most of the people are really happy as these diet pills give them their desired results. But now the question emerges that will the effect of these pills remains long lasting or all you gain weight back after taking weight loss pills?

The answer is no if you take these pills regularly or 3 to 4 days in a week it will help you to lose weight, but once you stopped taking the medications, you gained that weight back.

Weather you are buying prescription weight loss pills, or over the counter pills, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of these pills.


Diet pill is one of the best ways to reduce your weight faster and quicker. Doctors also prescribed you diet pills when you’re having trouble losing weight by exercise and proper diet plan. Weight loss pills have various functions in losing weight such as block absorption of fat, suppress appetite and other important functions.


Diet helps you when your efforts are not enough to lose weight. Diet pills boost your stamina and metabolism and you can workout for hours in the gym. Diet pills also enable you to remain propelled to maintain a better life style. Once if you started taking diet pills you would see their effects in no time. The best over the counter weight loss pills on Alli butbits, not FDA approved, while your doctor will prescribe you phen375, garcinia cambogia, and then.

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What will happen when you stop taking diet pills?

As we previously discussed that you would able to lose weight when you take diet pills. But once you quit taking your weight loss pills due to any reason you may start gaining the weight again. The main function of diet pills is that, it consumes less calorie in your body, diet pills do not teach you how to eat or what to eat it only prevent absorption of fat, so when you stop taking weight loss pills, you may start gaining your weight instead of losing it.


Prescribed weight loss pills are safe as compared to over the counter pills, prescribed pills are approved by FDA and don’t contain such harmful side effects, while over the counter diet pills are not approved by FDA. Pills which are not FDA approved means that the ingredients that are present in them are not tested. So if you take such diet pills you will experience some adverse side effects.


Diet pills are not necessary to take to lose weight. If you want to lose your weight with diet pills first consult your doctor. Many people think that after taking diet pills they don’t gain the weight back again but it’s all myths, the fact is that you will eventually gain weight after taking weight loss pills. Many dietitians are against these weight loss pills they say that instead of relying on weight loss pills try to adopt healthy life style through physical activities, drink water instead of cold drinks. It’s all up to you to consider weather to take diet pills or adopt a healthy life style.

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