Educational Applications: The Best iPad or iPhone Coding Apps for Kids

Coding is the act of utilizing programming languages to command a computer to execute functions. Now, programming is rapidly increasing as a favorite activity for children, and not just for people who desire of becoming programmers in the future.

One of the best, simplest, and low-cost approach to let your children start with programming is through various applications. However, the sheer number of coding-friendly applications can be a little bit overwhelming.

Coding may sound difficult, but with the help of various kid-friendly coding applications, your kids can be a future software engineer. And even though iPad/iPhone is not a prominent hardware for programming, but a growing number of developers are creating coding apps that are suitable for iPad/iPhone.

For a little help, listed below are some of the best iPad/iPhone coding-friendly applications for kids.


Hopscotch is a visual programming language that educates children how to code using uncomplicated building blocks. Children can create and develop animations, games, and other programs with Hopscotch’s interactive, colorful environment.

Command your characters to draw, move, and slam into each other, plus Hopscotch utilizes tilting, shaking, or even yelling at the iPhone or iPad to control them. This kid-friendly coding application is an excellent tool for helping children the fundamentals of programming and enhances their logical and problem-solving skills.

You can also try to enroll them in a coding school like CodeCamp that teaches the fundamentals of the app Hopscotch to enhance and increase the coding skills of your children ultimately.

Code Karts



Code Karts is an engaging and enticing activity for children around 4 to 7 years old. This application utilizes a set of logical puzzles to help the children identify and remove errors on their programs.

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The nature of this kid-friendly application equips the young learners the process and basics of coding before they begin utilizing it to create and build programs. The kids can choose between the Classic or Competition mode and can use the code directly to move their virtual cargo-karts until the end of the game.


CodeToGo is an application that is only accessible for iOS devices. It allows the kids to develop and run code in almost fifty different programming languages, including Python, Ruby, Perl, and Java, with a set of rules that highlights most of them.

Although it’s not a more topnotch when it comes to graphics, it is much easier to use and intuitive. Aside from interacting with Dropbox, you can also transmit files from your computer by utilizing iTunes File Sharing.

And when once finished, you can now test your codes and see the effect brought by it, by utilizing the API. However, you need a connection on the internet to perform your code, but you can always have the chance to save and load your code when there is no internet connection.




Tynker is a free application with a visual programming technique that can create and develop remarkable tools and games. It includes a game Codey’s Quest that uses different programming puzzles that you must answer to proceed to another level.

This coding application is a game making tool that uses the drag-and-drop interface that helps develop and create your own game. It has a customized learning procedure that teaches kids to build applications through JavaScript and Python.

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Hopscotch, Code Karts, CodeToGo, and Tynker are the coding apps that proves that iOS is acquiring its popularity as one of the platforms for helping children understand and comprehend the foundation of computer science. The fame and recognition of the iPad in learning and the children’s understanding with its ability to perform and gaming selection means it has plenty of potential for molding and honing how they collaborate with computer science and learning how to code.

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