7 Best Travel Gadgets for Any Trip In 2021

I know you are packing for your next trip.

But wait.

What is in your bag?

Sometimes, we tend to carry items that we do not need on tour. This habit makes us miss out on opportunities or end up with frustrations instead of enjoying the trip.

Packing light is the first thing to remember when planning any trip. For instance, do not carry a Kindle when you have your iPad. Simply install the app and access all your materials from one point.

However, even as you pack light, there are some essential gadgets that you will need to make your trip exceptional.

This list consists of essential gadgets that every traveler needs on their vacation. Without them, you may miss the best moments of the trip, and you would blame yourself for ignoring such worthwhile gadgets.

Remember to pack at least a few of these seven gadgets that you need for your trip in 2021.

1. Portable Washing Bag

In some tour destinations, you will have access to plenty of water and laundry services to ensure that your clothes stay clean.

And, yes, I discourage carrying a whole load of clothes on any trip. Two to three pairs of jeans and a t-shirt, a pair of flat shoes, and one (light) jacket are enough for any tour – even if it lasts months.

To keep your clothes clean during the trip, you will only need access to water and a cleaning detergent.

With a washing bag, you can clean your clothes wherever you are, even in the remotest parts of the African Sahara, where access to water is a gem.

All you need is to locate a stream, river, or borehole. Your light washing bag will do the job in less than five minutes – literally.

2. Portable Universal Adapter

Traveling from the Western, through Europe, down to Oceania, and back to Africa, you will meet something inconsistent – electricity.

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Various destinations have distinct laws governing everything, including the power rating on the wall sockets. You would need numerous adapters to charge your phones everywhere you go.

Thanks to the universal adapters, you can use your phone in any place around the world without the worry of charging problems.

The adapters allow you to use the wall socket power source in any country to power up your phone, camera, or tablet. These gadgets have switches that you use to select the appropriate power input according to the rules in the jurisdiction you visit.

waterproof phone case

3. Waterproof Phone Case

While you are home, you can easily detect when it is about to rain and go indoors. Or, if you are outside on the road, you can estimate the time it will take you to get to the nearby shelter.

But things are pretty different when you go on a trip. Firstly, you are not aware when it is going to fall, and it can find you out in the jungle. Secondly, depending on the activity you are into, you may not be willing to abort and look for shelter.

Carrying your phone in the rain is also a bad idea. But with a waterproof case, you can be sure that your device is safe even if you drench in the rain or you have to cross a deep river.

Be sure to find a case that fits your phone perfectly, allowing you a clear view of the screen so that you can read the display and do stuff without worrying about water damage.

wifi hotspot

4. Portable Wifi Hotspot

Figure this out. You are outdoors, and suddenly, you have an important email to send or you need to contact someone over Skype.

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You can turn on mobile data. But while you are abroad, you are most likely going to encounter extra roaming charges should you try to use your mobile subscription to access the internet.

There is no need to wait until you get back to the hotel to access the internet and sent the message. Critical times call for a quick fix. With a portable WiFi hotspot, you can access the internet using a flat rate as when you are on the home network.

The devices use the local signals to connect to the satellite network, and your subscription remains constant even when using the device abroad.

5. Portable Vacuum Compressor and Luggage Cleaner

You packed only two dresses and a pair of shoes. Adding a few items in your travel bag, you realize that it cannot hold anymore.

You would need to strap the luggage using the vehicle’s roof rack accessories to reach the airport. However, you want to minimize the size of the bag to avoid paying for extra luggage at the airport.

A portable vacuum device allows you to draw air out of the travel bag and minimize the size of the contents. This device can help you to carry more gadgets that are relevant for the trip.

Another use for the gadget is that it uses technology to remove bacteria from the bag and clean out any odor. Arrive at your destination with a fresh smell.

6. Water Purifying Bottle

We already mentioned how water is scarce to find in some parts of the world. In some places, you can find rivers and streams, but they are carrying all sorts of dirt. And water from such sources is not ideal for drinking.

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But what can you do when you are thirsty and the hotel or town is several miles away? This can happen when your water reserve runs out in a hot summer.

Having a water purifying bottle helps you to clean any water and make it safe for drinking. All you need is to fetch water from a tap or stream, but it should be clear water.

Sorry, the gadget cannot remove solids from the water before drinking. It only helps to kill the harmful organisms in 15 seconds before you drink the water.

7. Personal Alarm

For solo travelers, nothing is more important than your security. Wherever you go, take your security seriously. Not everybody is out for good.

Getting stuck somewhere in the jungle also calls for desperate action. However, with a personal alarm, you can alert p[eople nearby that you need help.

Designed to be portable, the alarm device is quite small. You can attach it to your key holder or backpack. Although it is a small device, the alarm has a superior sound, and it can be as high as 110dB (about the same sound of a car horn), or more.

You can, therefore, use it to alert people at a distance. This device is most commonly encouraged for ladies to fight against sexual harassment. But anybody can use it, especially during emergency situations.

Summing Up

Trips are an awesome way to learn new things, experience life from a different angle, or get to appreciate yourself. Traveling can also add to your personal development.

To ensure that your trip is successful, you will need gadgets that can boost your safety, service accessibility, and making life easier.

You can decide which gadget you will need to pack according to your destination and ambitions.

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