Binocular vs spotting scopes- The result will knock your socks off!

Binocular vs spotting scope- the most common topic where all the traveler, hunter, and birder starts debating.

Recently, in some forums, it becomes very controversial. Now, if you’re a loyal subscriber of one of them, then you should know how much I love to break controversies into pieces and explain.

Now it’s time for Binocular and spotting scope. Without further due, let’s start!

comparison of binocular and spottin scope

Our way of comparing

Honestly speaking, I believe in breaking controversies. So, I’m not going to do any head-to-head comparison.


It is because head to head comparison is the way of pulling any controversial topic.

Instead of the head to head comparison, I’ll be doing something that’s education and knowledge-based.

Yes, I’ll be explaining all the features, pros and cons of both binocular and spotting scope. It’ll help you to understand which one is good for you or which one you should pick.

So, let’s get into the enlightening and informative comparison. Shall we? 😉



Undoubtedly, binocular is the world’s most known optic. We’re seeing it even though some of us have been using it since childhood.

Binocular has two optics which helps to see with both eyes at the same time. There are so many types of binoculars available.

Now, it depends on the purpose. Like, there are binocularly available for armies, for travelers, birders and for travelers too. So, here are some more facts about the binoculars below.

binocular view

  • Magnification power: Normally, you’ll get binoculars with the magnification power of 1x to 12x. These aren’t that powerful. But if you want to get more binoculars then there are some premium and special binoculars available with 15 to 100x. These are high-powerful and designed to use with the tripod. Even you can use some of these scopes (60x-1000x) for astronomy in the night sky.
  • Portability: When it comes to portability, binocular is the king! It’s easy to carry and it’s designed to be portable. Even it’s light in weight too.
  • Close Focus: As you can see, a binocular has a lower magnification power. Well, it’s a disadvantage but on the other hand, an advantage too. Because of its low magnification power, it has closer close focus.
  • Image stability: As you use a binocular while holding it in your hand, if you shake your hand, you’ll see the shaky image. However, with the tripod, you can get a stable image experience.
  • Objective lens: Basically, binoculars with the 25mm-42mm lens are available in the market. The premium binocular has up to 100mm lens so that you can use it for astronomy.
  • Viewing Angle: The binocular is available in only one viewing angle which is straight. If you badly want a binocular with an angled viewing angle then you have to find a lot or make a custom one for yourself.
  • Activities: You can use your binoculars for all kinds of activities. No matter, if it’s outdooring or entry-level astronomy, everything is possible with it. (Obviously, it depends on your binocular).
  • Versatility: Binoculars are versatile. There are so many types of binocular available in the market for your purpose. So, it’s easy to get a binocular according to your needs.
  • Price: Well, when it comes to pricing, binoculars are available at various prices. Like, there are binoculars available for $5 and for $5000 too. According to travelers, the binoculars are quite inexpensive than any other scope.
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So, here are all the features, good-sides, and bad-sides binocular has. Now, let’s see what the spotting scope has for us. 😉

general spotting scope

Spotting Scope

Spotting scope like the cousin brother of a binocular. We use it for the same purpose as well. The spotting scope is also known as modern binocular because of its technological changes.

The spotting scope is also known as a mini-telescope because of its performance. People and research also say that it’s the updated version of binocular. It starts performing where the binocular ends.

So, basically spotting scope is a monocular scope (aka one-eye scope) with high magnification power and the objective lens. So, let’s see all the details of the spotting scope at a glance below.

spotting scope

  • Magnification power: Usually, there are spotting scope available in the market with up to 60x magnification power. Why isn’t it more powerful in magnification? It because spotting scopes are made for daylight activities. More than 60x magnification glass will get easily affected with dust particles which will make everything blur while using the spotting scope. However, with 60x power, it can produce an unbelievable result.
  • Portability: Almost all the spotting scopes are portable and easy to use. Even nowadays, all the spotting scope has the tripod-mounting feature so you can use it with a tripod too.
  • Close Focus: Spotting scope has high-magnification power and that’s why it doesn’t have that good close focus option.
  • Image Stability: If you hold it in your hand while using then you may get some shaky images. Why? It because your hand may shake. However, if you use a tripod while capturing or watching then you’ll get the best and stable image.
  • Objective lens: Spotting scopes are known for its objective lens. The objective lens is the secret of its best image quality. Usually, the objective lens of spotting scopes is available in the range of 45mm to 100mm in the market. However, you’ll see scopes within 60-80mm more often in the market. The big objective lens is the biggest advantage of spotting scopes.
  • Viewing angle: Spotting scope is available with two different viewing angles. It gives you the choice of a straight or angled one according to your needs.
  • Activities: You can use the spotting scope for almost any kind of outdoor activities like hunting, birding, archery, astronomy and etc. You can use the spotting scope for multiple purposes as well. 
  • Versatile: The spotting scope isn’t that versatile because of its availability in the same variations and styles.
  • Price: As you can see, spotting scopes are quite advanced and comes with a great feature. For this reason, the spotting scopes aren’t that inexpensive. Even, for mid-range scope, you may need a good budget.
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Now, here’s everything that you should know about the spotting scope. I hope now you can decide which one goes well with you.

Binocular or spotting scope: Which one is best for you?

If you have read the entire article till now, then you may have already decided which one you need.

However, binocular and spotting scopes both are the best optics for any adventurous people. Now, it all depends on you.

If you think, you need anything which has lower magnification power but higher F.O.V. and better close focus within a tight budget then binocular is perfect for you.

Now, if you need something that has high and powerful magnification, better lens and the big objective lens and you’ve got a good budget then spotting scope is perfect for you.

Now, the ball is in your court. You’ve to decide which one is best for you.

sptting scope view


In the end, binocular and spotting scope both are one of the finest optics of the world. Both have some ups and downs but both are best if it suits your need.

So, try to find out which one is best for you and let us know if you’ve anything in your mind below. Cheers mate!

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