How to build a Dashing House for your Dog

The dog is a lovely pet to have. But it is necessary to have a dog house also to keep the dog healthy. Most of us don’t know how to build one. Here’s an easy guide towards making a healthy house for your lovely dog.

Necessary materials

40-inch x 8-inch x 5/8-inch (depending on dog size) sheet for exterior siding.

2-inch x 4-inch x 8-feet board

2-inch x 4-inch x 10-feet board rated for outdoor use


Hammer, Drill, Saw, Square and Safety tools.


Planning is the most significant part of making a dog house. Here are the things you need to plan out before starting the build phase.

There should be enough space between the ground and the base of the floor. It’s for keeping the water out in the rainy days. It will also help in keeping your dog warm in winter days.

Think about your dog’s habit. For example, if your pet is used to sit on the roof, make the room flat. And also make the roof out of plywood to keep it cool.

Also the materials used in this DIY instruction is for averaged sized dog. So if you feel like your dog is bigger feel free to use bigger sheets.

Cutting the boards

Cut the boards according to the size given above in material section. Use circular saw for a perfect cut. Drill holes in appropriate places using a good drill. It is recommended that you drill the holes before cutting the boards. For more on electric hammer drill, click on the given link.

Let’s make the base

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First, make 6-inch-long legs. Make 4 of them.

With tops aligned, connect the legs flush against the inside edges of the 22-7/8-inch long side pieces.

Connect the 4 side pieces to create a square shape.

Lastly, align the top sheet which is the floor. Cut it in appropriate shape for it to fit. Connect everything with nails.

Building the walls

The walls should be 8-inch high and the same length as the side panels.

Connect the 4 walls to make a square shape.

Then put the square shape on the base of the dog house to create a house without a roof. Connect them with nails.

Caution: this is the last chance for you to check inside the dog house to see if there is any exposed nail points. If there is then use pliers to pull them out and then reconnect the planks with nails.

Roof it up

For the roof you need two planks. The length should be the same as the length of the walls. The width should be 66% of the width of the walls.

Place the boards in a way that anything falls on it will roll off.

Nail the remaining pieces in its place with nails

Finishing the House

Use shingles in order to prevent your dog house from leaking. They are easy to find and cost effective.

Use sandpapers to make any rough edges smooth. Also, check for exposed nails.

Paint the house with any color of your liking.

Now you have a dashing & healthy dog house.

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