Why Should You Buy A Best Pintail Longboard?

Longboard is one of the most favorite sports amusement instrument among all ages of people. Most of the beginner rider does not know what type of longboard is best for them. Let me help you in this case. On this article, I will tell you all the benefits of the best pintail longboard. One more think you should know pintail shape Deck Longboards are one of the most popular classic deck designs in the longboard universe. 

What is a Pintail Longboard?

A pintail longboard is a little bit different than any other longboard deck. It is one kind of kick tail longboard but not a kick tail longboard. The noise and tail have taper shape, and the mid position of the deck is much wider than front and back site. This classic tactical design comes from surfing board design. Most importantly the structure prevents your leg from wheel bite which is a common problem on different longboard design. But in pintail deck, you will forget forever about the wheel bite. Also, the top mounted truck is used to complete this longboard. Usually, a pintail longboard has 6 to 9 plies. You will find 36 to 46 inches long deck and 8 to 10 inches wide.

Suitable riding styles by a Pintail Longboard


Cruising is very easy on this board. Due to its flat structure and fast maneuverability, easy pushing and no wheel bite- all these aspects have made it an extraordinary longboard for this riding style.


Carving longboarding is another most popular riding style in the longboard world. The top mounted truck reacts like a flexible spring so caving and making balance is appropriate by this longboard.

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Commuting is one of the easiest and regular longboard riding among all levels of rider. Fast moving to shopping moll or campus or newborn house or any other traveling purpose the pintail longboard is your best companion.


The pumping is another easy and fun making style in longboarding. Though it is an easy and fun making trick, so everyone usually use to do it. By a pintail, longboard pumping is highly recommended. 

Fun and Speed Making Longboard

A pintail longboard is not only useful for carving or cursing style you can also use it for fun making way, like tricks and racing. Due to its flat and sharp shape, it creases low traction with the air moves like a supersonic fighter plane while you need to go for a speed boarding competition. It kicks tail help to make Olli, kick flip or many more riding styles.  

Best Longboard Shape for Beginners 100

A pintail longboard is highly preferable for cruising and carving riding styles. In this concept cruising or carving is one of the most popular longboarding styles for the starters. The sharp nose and kick tail design eliminate the possibility of the wheel bite so you can use it with any obstacle at your daily use.

Also, all the beginning riders prefer a stable and easy to control longboard for their first use. The design and shape of the pintail longboard ensure flexibility, maneuverability and comfortable standing ability on the deck surface. The mid position of the deck is wider than any other place on the deck so this structure increases the stability of the board.

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Highly Recommended for High-Speed Cruising or Racing

You may be thinking how a pintail longboard would be so effective on high-speed cruising or racing, but it’s true that a pintail longboard can run faster than any other longboard. Its technical design makes that possible. The sharp noise and tail create less traction with the air, and flat deck moves like a super fighter plane. Moreover, the top muted truck moves fast while you need to carve in a short coroner at higher speed.

Final Verdict

After reading my full article, you may be thinking I have mainly focused on the beginner’s rider.

Yes, because pintail longboard is extremely suitable for any novice girls or boy. Due to its higher stability, maneuverability and easy to ride capability the classic design board is always preferable for the beginners’.  One thing keeps in mind don’t create your full weight or presser on the tail site because it could break in two pieces.

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