What the buyer should keep an eye out for in apartments in Bangalore

In the past couple of years, Bangalore has gotten accustomed to the tag of one of the hottest if not the hottest property destination in India. Massive investments from multinational corporations post the IT boom, and an innumerable number of start-ups have all contributed towards keeping the Bangalore real estate flag flying high. In 2015, Bangalore was voted as the second fastest start-up ecosystem in the world and is dubbed ‘The startup capital of India.’ Even giants like Apple have decided to start manufacturing mobiles here with an eye on the burgeoning mobile phone market in India.

Things like favorable weather conditions and abundance of natural resources like lakes and greenery have always tilted the balance in favor of Bangalore, but the cherry on top of this cake has been the fact that Bangalore has moved from the place people went after retiring from work to the place people went to for work. This changed the demographics of the city majorly along with the average spending power which is now one of the highest in the country.

Maintenance costs

This is one of those things which is generally given very little importance before the deal is actually made and then it ultimately becomes the deal breaker when the buyer finds out the amount that will need to be shelled out on a monthly basis.

Locational advantage

No matter how good the deal seems to be, the location will ultimately be the key factor when zeroing in on a home. It cannot be called a dream home if commuting every day or proximity to basic necessities turns out to be a nightmare. Another important aspect is the appreciation rate of the place as a large amount of money is going to be invested and returns should be optimum. There is a very little point in investing in a place that is experiencing stagnancy unless reasons are specific. Everybody wants to stay in prime locations, but that is not always possible due to a variety of reasons. Research is one of the best solutions to this, and one chief attribute to getting a good home is to keep in mind the fact that the noise coming from the main road should not affect daily life in one’s home.

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Scarcity premium

Most builders and developers try and offer similar housing options to new home buyers, and their pricing is based around this. When choosing apartments in Bangalore, it is best to go for apartments that are unique in their own way as not only will the price of such properties appreciate faster than others nearby; it will also have a greater resale value thanks to its own little individual exclusivity in terms of layout.


The amenities that are being provided also plays a huge factor in the minds of prospective clients as people these days have much less time and this is the way developers have been positioning their projects in Bangalore to give the residents a good work-life balance.


Another factor which is not always given the amount of importance that it needs and ends up causing problems in the future if not looked into properly. It is essential that the amount of space within is used wisely so that the amount of storage space is maximized.


Whether it is from the main road or from the neighbors’ next door, any amount of unwarranted noise on a regular basis is a downer. It is best to get a real feel of the place so that one knows what they have signed up for.


This is the main reason that areas with no or little crime rates are amongst the most sought-after localities. To avoid this sort of a problem, most builders and developers in Bangalore are now resorting to the use of high-quality security systems as one definitely needs to feel secure in their own home.

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If one generally keeps these above factors in mind, they can be assured of getting back the best returns on their investment while also owning a dream home at the same time.

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