Can’t Open Email Yahoo Mail Attachments

If you’re using an email client, you quickly can send a video to your friend and family member, or get a file from your office co-worker through the email attachments. Like other email services, Yahoo Mail also provides the email attachment function that lets users attach and receive files without any hassles. However, you might find it tough or impossible to send and open an attached file at the time. If it happens, the issue might be caused by the web browser or the Yahoo mail itself. In such conditions, you can ask the solutions from Yahoo experts via the phone. If you don’t know what is the phone number for Yahoo Mail or how to contact the Yahoo customer care online, then you can go over the web to find the certified phone numbers that facilitate you to get immediate workarounds.

Learn How to Repair Yahoo Mail if it won’t Open an Attached File

Although there are a lot of causes that can encounter the attachment problems with your Yahoo email account, you can still try the following workarounds to solve your email problems. Have a look at the solutions given below:

Solution 1 – Ensure that the attached file isn’t encrypted. Yahoo mail doesn’t support for the data coded in a method to keep unauthorized users from opening it. Speak to the sender to send the unencrypted file if he/she sends you a file coded in a way to prevent unauthorized access to the email you have received.

Solution 2 – Make sure where your web browser saves the downloaded files. The help documentation of your web browser can help you to know the location of the file. The download location might be changed once your web browser settings are modified. You can also check the Yahoo documentation to get the necessary help.

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Solution 3 – Check that you’re using a web browser that Yahoo mail supports. The incompatible browser can cause various problems and prevent users from using Yahoo mail. You can use the Mozilla Firefox 19 or newer, Google Chrome version 25 or newer, Apple Safari 4.0 or newer, and the IE 9.0 or newer with Yahoo mail.

Solution 4 – If you still have the problems in opening the attached files, make sure that your antivirus program is not preventing from downloading the attachments. The security software can’t allow you to open a file if it contains the corrupt data or it’s recognized as malicious mistakenly. In such a situation, you can ask the sender to send the file again or disable the antivirus program temporarily.

However, if none of the above-discussed workarounds helped to fix Yahoo Email you are unable to open an email Attachment, then you should try more troubleshooting workarounds. For the immediate support and hassle-free solutions, you can call the Yahoo tech agents by dialing the Yahoo mail customer support number. You will be guided with the best possible troubleshooting solutions to fix the email attachment problems.

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