Are you excited about the upcoming summer festivals? Well, here are 6 outfit ideas that cover something for everyone and any kind of festival. You can swap items with alternatives and you can also play with colors. You might also want to take something from one outfit and mix it with another to create your … Read more

7 Fab Styles for Babydoll Dresses

Babydoll Dresses

Indeed, what’s old is new again and babydoll dresses are a prime example. The short dresses that were extremely popular in the seventies and nineties are stylish staples yet again. But they are no longer mere casual dresses. With more creative and polished styling, you can get better fashion mileage out of the one that … Read more

Enthral Your Customers with On Demand Beauty App

On Demand Beauty App

Technology is what has shaped the lives of human beings. For each service, humans have an application to their rescue. One of the most unique among them is the on-demand beauty app, the TapGlam App that has enabled users to choose the beauty services they require like manicure, pedicure, brushes, hairstyle, etc., schedule the time … Read more

9 Ways to Wear a Bralette in the Winter

Wear a Bralette in the Winter

As long as the weather outside would allow, bralettes are quick and easy to add to your outfit from both a fashion and practical standpoint. The only season they pose some challenges is winter. However, with a few simple tips and tricks, there are multiple ways to rock this summer staple even in cold and … Read more

How digital photography is shaping up our lives

Every photograph is a miracle in itself. Now that pictures have become such a an important part of our lives we fail to recognise the beauty of each photograph. Capturing an image means that you’ve literally stopped time and have the moment stored forever on a small card that has thousands of other such captured … Read more

How To Look Classy And Fashionable On A Budget

look classy and fashionable

It is a fact that every woman expresses who she is through her sense of fashion. Being fashionable and stylish is not always about having lots of money to spend on clothes or buying haute couture. As long as you develop your sense of style, you will feel stylish in almost every outfit and others … Read more