Long, Shiny and Healthy Hair – The Natural Way

Long, Shiny and Healthy Hair

Who wouldn’t want hair that is long, strong, healthy and shining – who wouldn’t want hair that is truly their crowning glory! Most people will talk about how they want gorgeous hair, but will actually not do a lot to ensure the health of their hair. They will maintain an overall improper attitude towards their … Read more

The Metamorphosis: 5 Ways To Make Vintage Style More Modern

The Metamorphosis

There are several reasons to love classic clothing. From the excellent quality of the garment’s construction to the originality of its design. Also, there is a historical importance that simply makes vintage items outstanding. On the other hand, including these rare pieces into your everyday wardrobe can be tricky. Similar to history, the fashion trend … Read more

Top 10 Active Leggings For Running

active leggings

Did someone just say that the bubble of athleisure is about to burst? Well, we don’t think so! Irrespective of your running objectives, be it for a marathon or for a regular treadmill sprint, having  good quality leggings is a must. Your choice of legging should not only look stylish but also make you feel … Read more

Chiffon Sarees – Yards of Dreamy Yarn

chiffon saree

The earliest mention of a saree was in 100 BC. From Murals, Aryans, Indus Valley to royal courts sarees have a history of its own. From being unstitched to being styled, stitched and counted as world couture sarees have become a fashion statement since shooting into prominence in the early twentieth century. The rectangular saree … Read more