Slipped Disc Treatment through Chiropractic Pain Management GA

It may have been that someday slipping on a banana peel was good enough for a laugh when stand-up comedy was on top, but today, falls from slips are also the leading causes of back injury. Each year, more than a million people experience injuries in their workplace because of a fall. Each year, people suffer from back injuries due to falls or other sorts of non-auto accidents, and laughing is not a good thing.

A herniated disc is one of the main injuries people suffer from falls or slipping accidents. Although a herniated disc is common, patients are also prone to going through the problem undetected for any lengthy amount of time. Sometimes, a person may even go many months or years without even realizing they have the problem unless they wake up with excruciating pain.

It is always best to detect herniated discs early, and the best way to alleviate the pain or avoid its occurrence in the future is through an appointment with a chiropractic specialist, who could implement chiropractic pain management GA techniques.

Early treatment and detection of herniated discs are one of the best ways to alleviate the current pain and avoid any future problems. When you meet specialists, they can help you determine if you are suffering from herniated discs and determine the best treatment course.

What is a Herniated Disc

A herniated disc often occurs when there is a problem with the soft and sponge-like cushion (or discs) located between the stacked bones that make up the spine. Know that a fibrous and tough shell (soft jelly-like in the center) makes the spinal discs. Usually, normal movement of the spinal column allows the discs to receive the normal nourishment they need to mash the blood through the outer shell of the discs. At times when the normal spinal movement does not occur, the discs are unable to receive the right nourishment they need in order to stay healthy. As you consult your Kroll Care experts, you can learn more about how it works.

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When the spinal disc does not receive the right nourishment it needs, the tough exterior disc will begin to dry and ultimately it will tear, allowing the soft inner portion of the discs to protrude out. When this part of the disc bulges out, the result is a herniated disc.

The Causes of a Herniated Disc

Often, the causes of a herniated disc range from acute trauma to a fall to many years of poor lifting techniques or postures. Most of the herniated disc problems result from normal aging, combined with years of poor posture, diet, exercise and lifting habits. Over the days, the discs begin to wear and the disc degrades. As you grow older, the discs then lose some of their content (water), which keeps the outer shells from becoming brittle. In the end, the discs in the spine become drier and this makes them less flexible and prone to tears and rupture.

Note that not all problems with the discs such as herniated discs cause pain. In some cases, the pain is one that you will notice when the bulging disc puts pressure on the spinal nerves. Note that even if the pain is not present in the herniated discs, this can limit the range of motion and end causing general stiffness, which limits participation in the activities of a person.

While it is not easy to pinpoint all injuries associated with herniated discs, if you begin to experience pain in your legs, arms or back after a fall or slip, the accident will likely cause the injury or make it worse. The possible symptoms of a herniated disc include:

  • Difficult getting comfortable, even when you lie down
  • Pain in both legs
  • A tingling or numbing feeling in the feet, legs, arms or hands
  • Unexplainable ache or pain in the neck
  • Low back pain that spreads over the buttocks and down to the legs
  • Inability to straighten or twist the neck without pain
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Chiropractic Care to Treat Back Pain

Usually, when most people think of injuries to their spine, they assume that the injury will require surgery as the only solution. At some point, it is possible that conditions like herniated disc require surgery, but most people with a bad disc can receive treatment through non-invasive treatment such as chiropractic care.

By moving the alignment of the spine back to its normal position, chiropractors can help you to restore the natural movement of your back, which also assists in providing the discs with the right nourishment they require to stay healthy. In addition, chiropractic care helps to reduce the pressure ruptured discs exert on the spinal nerves. Ultimately, the goal of an experienced chiropractor is to relieve the pain that comes with herniated disc and helps to restore the function.

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