How to Choose a Long Range Scope for Deer Hunting?

Hunting deer is a great primal sport for generations. Nowadays it’s becoming more attractive in the aid of modern technology and gears. Experienced hunters considered deer hunting as one of the best exciting sports.

Like other hunting, deer hunters need different gears and gadgets for making successful shots. A quality rifle scope is an essential device in this regard.

Deer hunting is long-distance hunting.  At naked eyes, you can’t spot and shoot your target rightly, so long-range rifle scope is a must. Of course, the best optical scope will make your hunting process more effective. But how do you pick the best scopes for deer hunting?

How You Will Select Long Range Scope for Deer Hunting

Many deer hunters especially beginners may wonder how to choose a quality long-range rifle scope for hunting deer. There are tons of brands, price levels, and quality of products you find nowadays. But you can make your choice right by wisely considering some vital specifications such as magnification, objective lens size, adjustments, lens quality, etc. Now, go to the details!

Scopes Type

Generally, you will find two types of rifle scopes- Variable and Fixed scopes. When you see a scope featuring 5-20x50mm, it denotes a variable scope, where 5-20 is the variable magnification, and 50mm is the objective lens diameter. On the other hand, if you have a scope with a 35x55mm specification, it denotes a fixed scope with constant magnification.


Deer hunting requires larger magnification scopes which will provide you magnified target images. One important thing is that, the more the magnifications are the blurrier the image quality will be. For this, you need to be calculative to choose the magnification.

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If a deer is situated 600 meters far and you opt for a 30X magnification scope, then you will see the deer 20 meters away through the scope. Usually, 20-40X magnification scopes perform nicely up to 1200 yards target range.

Objective Lens

The glass tube through which you set your eye to see the target is the objective lens. When the lens size or diameter is large, more light will pass through it and you will get a wide field of view. But excessive lens size will make the device bulky, so avoid surplus sizes. Scopes diameter of 35-55mm is suitable for deer hunting.

Lens Coating

There are different chemical treatments on the lens to correct glare and mirage. These coatings make the lens scope clear and easily readable. Some of the most common lens coatings are single coating, fully coating externally, multi-coating, and fully multi-coating to all the glass of the scope. Each of the coatings has its special functions and also raises the price.

The fully multi-coated lens is the recommended coatings for deer hunters. This type of coating will give you a clear image from dawn to dusk. It will cost a little bit more but you will be benefitted in the long run.


The reticle or aiming mark is an image in the sight that helps hunters to aim, determine the distance of the target, take them out and many more. There are different types of reticles. All of them have advantages and some disadvantages too. The Bullet Drop Compensator (BDC) is the most popular of them.

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Different hunters choose one reticle over another as each has their own preference. Standard crosshairs are just simple crosses that align with the target. Actually, it’s the easiest to learn and use for shorter ranges. Crosshairs for long-distance shooting quietly differ from the classical one.

Target crosshairs include a dot or circle in the midpoint rather than a simple cross. As deer hunters shoot for longer distances and sometimes in low light conditions, it may sometimes be problematic for them to see the reticle correctly. So, you need to practice a lot before going to the field.

Weather Protection

The good quality rifle scopes body is made of excellent aluminum alloy. This will ensure the scope’s durability.

You may face difficulties in the rain or fog if your rifle scope isn’t weather resistant. Modern long-range scopes come with internal nitrogen purged for making it fog and dust resistant. The O-rings sealing and other quality coatings ensure the scopes as waterproof.


Most rifle scopes are capable of precisely adjusting windage and elevation corrections. The adjustments are measured in fractions of minutes of angles (MOA) and fractions of thousandths of radiant (MIL or MRAD). MOA or MRAD which one is better for deer hunting is a disputable topic. It’s also a hunter’s choice.

Usually, hunters or shooters choose the rifle scops that can be adjusted more precisely. When you go for buying a long-range scope, also consider its parallax adjustment and ability to maintain zero.


The market for scopes is full of quality brands product. Some of the most popular brands are  Vortex Optics, NightForce Optics, Nikon, Athlon, Leupold, Swarovski, Zeiss, Bushnell, etc.

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You may choose from them according to your budget. Always purchase a product that offers plenty of features, clear user manual, and excellent after-sales service.


Your success in hunting largely depends on the quality of the rifle scope, especially for long-range deer hunting. There is currently a huge number of scopes available on the market.

I recommend you to choose that one which will fulfill your need featuring illuminated reticle, great magnification, enough lens diameter, and appropriate coatings. Always pack yourself with the top quality gears and be prepared for each probable situation.

Happy deer hunting!

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