Chris Oyakhilome: A Good Man to Know

Chris Oyakhilome has had some hardships in his past like we all do. He has risen above and beyond. A son of a wonderful caring mother and brother of one. Chris Oyakhilome loved sports, soccer in particular was his number one favorite. He grew up with a love for everyone and wanted to see others flourish and succeed. Having a knowledge about God, he grew more curious as to what God had to say. Now, as a grown man, Pastor Chris is now a very happily married man with two children. As he studied the bible, he heard God speak to him that he should be a Pastor. Pastor Chris then began The Believers Loveworld Inc.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has experienced and enjoyed the many chains of bondage being broke over him and his congregation. He then, after much in depth training and giving his life to Christ, found his new success, Christ embassy. Through his teachings, he has helped many others to break bad things out of their life and live a life a love. Christ embassy is dedicated to teaching the significance of words and speaking words of life, not death. Words can encourage and bless others as well as yourself. Through the inspiring love of Christ embassy, there is undeniably a large amount of testimonials. Many testimonials of miracles,healing and a new profound faith in Christ. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome now has his ministry online with plenty of testimonials, live programs,materials and even a helpful bible study. All questions are beautifully answered so they will be understood. There are plenty of books to be read in addition to your bible.

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The service held in Zimbabwe was without a doubt an unforgettable experience. There he visited and held the most beautiful communion service that was packed from one wall to the next. The year 2017 was the memorable for many that came to his service inside a sports stadium that day. Many have claimed to be healed and lives have changed. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome passed out communion to anyone who wanted to give their life over to Christ. He spoke of things to come that were positive and uplifting. Many people all over the world need his wonderful words of life. Beautiful music was played live and touched thousands of hearts. Many are well known award winning artists that are loved throughout Zimbabwe and all over the world.

Any service you would attend by Pastor Chris would always, and will always be an uplifting experience. His service in Zimbabwe has brought many to Christ through his training, love and his own personal experiences. Many other beliefs were laid down that night as they accepted communion and an all-consuming love. His goal is to touch hearts for Christ all over the world and empower many through the love of Christ. His ministry is truly what everyone needs in their life.

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