How will connected technology make driving simple?

We are living in the era of Self-Driving Cars where you will have a great Autonomous or Driver less experience as soon as you get ready to take a ride with these cars.

The Self-Driving cars are designed with an amazing Connected Car technology which is mainly based on the principle of Internet of Things (IoT) in which you can control or access its key functions within the car even when you are in the mobile location with the help of your Smartphone, Smart watch, Tablets or other networking devices connected through high Speed Internet.

The Connected Car technology will really make your Driving Life Simple with its fascinating and easy to use Controlling features.

Let us know more about how connected car technology will make Driving Simple?

In the upcoming generation, the connected car technologies are in various phases of development, and it brings together many ideas to make driving life simple and easy.

The only challenge you will face with connected car technology is setting up of Strong networking and connectivity because these technologies rely strongly on network connectivity.

However, you can use your Smartphone to set up your In-car Navigation system from mobile locations. Also, you can convert your car into a high-speed internet Hotspot and provide it with a much faster and reliable Internet connectivity.

Below are some Advance technology features of this technology which will help you understand how connected car technology will make your Driving Simple: 

Advance Sensor Features

The car manufacturer giants like Bosch brings together many ideas to make your driving life simple with connected car technology. Bosch developer utilizes state of the art connectivity technologies to enable a variety of functions like:

  • Gaze Control Function
  • Grab Action Function
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Gaze Control Function: The Gaze function of the connected car consists of a Camera which completely follows your eye movements to function.

Grab Action Features: Under Grab action, the sensor based Ultrasonic sensors selects the function through your hands, and you will be amazed to know that the size of these sensors is just quarter of your thumbnail which is also capable of deleting indicators and gives signals to the processing unit to Action.

In Connected Car technology, there are currently over 50 sensors enabled which are expected to increase with more technology Advancement in the cars in future.

The main principle of these sensors is to relay information to the cloud server where it is either stored for future actions or used immediately. 

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication

Let’s suppose, you are driving a car on the surface of low friction which is generally a slippery road, and your car sensed that there is a huge possibility of loss of traction. In this situation, the automatic sensors of the car will send the information to a cloud which would then relay it to another car on the same road.

Your car will automatically be prepared itself for further obstacles and reduced down the speed, change the lane or enable other safety features.

In the same way, you will experience vehicle to vehicle communication in the connecting cars when you are driving a car and suddenly meets with a blind crossing where the vehicle was to intersect your path then in this situation, you car will automatically communicate with the oncoming vehicle (Bike or Car) and slow down or stops on the spot to let the other vehicle pass first.

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According to a Statistics by Bosch

‘Connected car technology can save over 11,000 lives annually and prevent over 2,60,000 road accidents by 2025.” (Source) 

Automatic Parking Function

Connected car technology will also design with Automatic Parking Function which helps you in parking automatically by finding vacant parking slots. The best thing about this autonomous technology that the car will reduce the parking space because the driver is not physically present while Automatic parking and the cars will adjust to each other which automatically utilize the unused space.

In the future, you can use your Smartphone to track your parking location from the remote place.

Benefits in Commercial Transport

Connected technology will make your driving simple as it also has the great scope in the commercial transport sector. The commercial trucks will talk to each other and dock without any driver intervention. You can imagine it as it can simply hook each other to form a part of the chain and travel in the same direction.  This is called Platoon mode.

In this way, the driver sets himself to rest for some time during the journey and the aerodynamics drag is greatly reduced by making every journey more efficient.

Another benefit of connected vehicle technology is that it enables the truck to accept newer loads without driver intervention, but the only exception is that the loads should not be fully optimized at 100%.

Real-Time Data Collection

The Real-Time Data Collection feature provides the car developers to analyze the driver behavior, the way they utilize their time in the car, driving efficiency of the driver and the exact time when they apply brakes in manual mode. It also analyzed the force applied by the driver for Acceleration.

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All this information is provided with Real-Time Data Collection which greatly helps the developers to improve Hardware and Software solutions.


The connected car technology will contain all the technology functions discussed above except some future Advance Functions like:

  • Finding more detailed features with Parking Space
  • Capacity to book service from your car
  • Accessing Skype to make Video phone calls

So, keep patience for experiencing this connected car technology in the near Future.

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