How to Conserve Water and Save Money in the Process

Even if your area has abundant water supply; you shouldn’t just recklessly waste water. It’s a precious resource which should be efficiently used. Besides, lowering your usage can definitely help decrease your monthly bills. Below, you will find water conservation tips that will also help lower your utility expenses in the process.

Consider installing low-flow plumbing fixtures

low-flow plumbing fixtures

For those who are unfamiliar with what a low-flow feature means; it’s a fixture that uses less water but still remains efficient with its function. The reason why these fixtures are preferred is that of its efficient water consumption. Traditional faucets or shower heads release excessive volume of water — which in turn; increases your water usage. Always stick with the trusted brands since some cheap low-flow fixtures are very ineffective. This can be a problem for toilets since the flush is too weak to actually drain wastes.

Get dripping taps fixed

dripping taps fixed

You may be able to ‘deal’ with dripping taps by placing a container below it — but this isn’t an actual solution to the problem. In fact, this method of dealing with dripping faucets will just prolong the issue and even make it worse. It’s easy to ignore the water wasted from the drip but if you gather all the wasted water you will realize the leak is causing liters or even gallons of wasted water each day.

Have your plumbing surveyed by a professional

surveyed by a professional

It’s not just dripping taps that can cause water loss but also leaks on the pipeline, toilet, and general plumbing system. You may not be able to immediately notice all the leaks from every area of your house; which is completely understandable. What you can do is have a professional plumber survey your plumbing not only for leaks but other problems as well. There may be leaks that are still starting to form or not easy to detect on your own — but can be identified by a plumber.

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Make it a habit to turn off the faucet or other plumbing fixtures if you’re not using it

turn off the faucet

There’s a tendency that you keep the faucet on if you’re brushing your teeth, washing dishes, or doing other stuff near the sink. Try to discipline yourself by immediately turning off the faucet if it’s unused. In fact, you should be conscious if you’re wasting water on the plumbing fixture you are using. Many people often keep the water running while they’re still brushing their teeth or wiping plates which is such a waste of water.  It’s kind of difficult to maintain this habit but it’s worth the effort if you really want to save water and money.

Water leak test

Water leak test

Hidden leaks cause your plumbing to needlessly wastewater. There is a simple way for you to check if water leakage is happening in your home. It doesn’t involve complicated plumbing tools which mean you can do it on your own.

The primary step is to turn off all the taps and other plumbing fixtures both indoors and outdoors. This is an integral procedure so be sure to do it right. Otherwise, you will have a false reading and the test will be a failure. Anyway…after you have turned off all plumbing fixtures, you need to read the water meter. Memorize or write a note and then wait for two hours to view the reading again. If the numbers increased then it only means there is a leak somewhere in your house.

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