What are Different Types of Breast Surgery?

Breast surgery was a nightmare in old days when the inventions were limited, but now the advancement in medical and miracles of science have made breast surgery a process of few days. Especially breast surgery in the United States of Emirates is not a very difficult thing to intend about. The most amazing thing of UAE is the best hospitals and renowned doctors who offer great services to the patients. This is the reason Breast Surgery in UAE is famous in those countries where breast surgeries are not done in such an advance way that is why many people from other countries visit UAE and go for the breast surgery from a good hospital.


There are many types of breast surgery, and fortunately, in UAE, you will find best doctors of all of the breast surgeries.

Breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery is done to remove the fats from breast and make them small than before. This breast surgery in UAE is very famous, and people from many countries come for this treatment. Even if you find medical centers for this surgery online, you will get many good options.

Augmentation mammoplasty

Augmentation mammoplasty surgery is operated to increase the breast size by filling silicone, saline to increase the breast size. The United States of Emirates is very famous for this kind of breast surgery.


Mastectomy is a surgical process to remove cancer affected part from the breast. Many renowned doctors are famous for this surgery.


Lumpectomy is done to remove a lumpĀ from the breast to remove cancer affected area. In UAE many successful cases are recorded. Many people got rid of the catastrophic disease like cancer before it was spread in other parts of the body.

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Mastopexy or breast lifts surgery

Mastopexy is very famous surgery done in UAE. It is also about the breast size. It is done to get help from the surrounding area of the breast to make it more tighten.


If you belong to any other country, do a search about the best hospital in UAE and forward your case online to the doctor. It will help you to proceed further and of course, save your time as well.

If you live in UAE (Resident) you should inquire for the best doctor (specialist of your disorder) and pay a detailed visit to discuss your case with your doctor.

If you intend to go UAE for breast surgery, do contact the hospital management and doctor to ask about the duration of treatment so that you could apply for the visa and make sure you have the visa of sufficient time for the treatment.

Make sure when you consult a doctor online you have all soft-copies (scanned copies) of all your medical record (tests) so that if you are asked to send them through email or upload them, you could do it without wasting your time. Get in touch with a local doctor for breast surgery in UAE.


A breast lift is a comparatively harmless procedure done to get help from the surrounding area of the breast to make it more tighten.

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