5 different uses of old pillow

Pillows have a limited lifespan. In fact, a good pillow will only serve you for at list two years while on your bed is because they go through a lot of tears and wear. Did, you know that your pillow accumulates more unpleasant things that would not be good for you after a long period? Things like saliva, dead skin, makeup, skin oil and so much more are some of the things that are not good for you. All this are part of the accumulation that you will find on your pillow. Being close to your face, you don’t need this after a certain period of use to protect yourself from other unknown conditions. However, that does not mean that your pillow is useless and cannot help you in any way. Therefore, you need to find some other way to put your old pillow to use for your profit. If you are wondering what to do with those pillows within your closet, here are five tips to help you regain the support of the pillows that will save you money and make your room look unique and welcoming.

  1. Make throw pillows

Do you know how much it would cost you to buy throw pillows for your entire living room? It would cost you so much, so many dollars that you can spend on other things. Instead of investing your money in buying readymade throw-in pillows, you can focus your time on making your own throw-ins with the old pillows you have. This will not only save you money but also keep your home different from all the others. Additionally, you can make as many throw pillows as you want to be based on the number of old pillows you have. Also, you will be the one to decide on the shape and texture of your pillows unlike when you are buying from other manufacturers. Knowing more you can visit here.

  1. Floor cushions
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If you have ever thought of hold video parts or gathering around with your family for a video game, then you understand the need having floor cushions. They help make the game or the movie feel much more engaging and lively. Therefore, if you have several old pillows in your possession, it would not hurt to consider making these floor cushions.  All you need to do is get a huge pillowcase that can accommodate at least three or four old pillows and you are good to go with your new floor cushion.

  1. Make gardening cushion

You will agree that some of these gardening jobs are a little harsh for the knee. If you are thinking of making a small garden with a few flowers in your backyard, then you don’t have to spend so much buying some pair of knee cushions just to protect your knees. Find some sturdy fabric that can withstand the outdoor nature wrap a few old pillows and you are set for the job. This way, you will protect your knee, attend to your small garden and at the same time, keep your old pillows in profitable use.

  1. Make pet beds

Finding ideal pet beds can be a little hectic. More so, if you find a pet bed that is fluffy and comfortable for your pet, it will still take pail up to your laundry or rather, your pet will not find it best for an extended period. However, with your old pillow, you can make a good bed for your pet, and you will be proud. First, the pillow smells like you, therefore, you are sure your pet will feel comfortable, as it will always note your presence as it sleeps on it. Lastly, it will save you the cost of buying pet beds and washing up the laundry

  1. Donation or recycling
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The fact that most people only use their pillows for a maximum of two years does not mean that you cannot recycle the pillow and still enjoy its use. You can simple recycle your pillow or even change the top cover, therefore, eliminating all forms of accumulation that it may have gathered within your initial use. Additionally, you can opt to donate your pillow if you don’t have an appropriate way to use it. There are people who would love to use a pillow but are not able to find one for themselves. Therefore, if you can offer to help them by donating your old sets, it would mean the world to them.

As you are planning to start enjoying the services of your old pillow, don’t forget to benefit from the pleasure of your new pillows too. Lastly, ensure that whatever you decide to do with your old set does not change who you are or the way you do things. In case you are reusing your pillow by recycling it, ensure it’s safe and clean for your health benefits.

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