Discover Amsterdam in July

See how Amsterdam is in July.

At the peak of summer and peak season, the capital of the Netherlands gains certain characteristics in July. For the best planning of your trip by getting cheap flights to Amsterdam, it is cool to know how the weather will be, if the city is full and more expensive and what are the coolest tours to do. So check out what Amsterdam looks like in July!!!

Climate conditions in Amsterdam in July

One of the most important things to know about Amsterdam in July is the weather, which is pleasant because of the summer, the season that corresponds to that month. The hottest season of the year usually lasts from June to August, and is very tasty. At that time, the temperatures are on average 24 degrees Celsius, and can reach up to 12 degrees minimum. July is one of the wettest months of the year, so it’s worth it to take or buy there a raincoat, and always walk with it. The weather in Amsterdam in July, so it is hot, but nothing compared to the Brazilian summer; we recommend that you then prepare and wear light and medium clothes, some coats, and prepare to face a maximum of 26 degrees Celsius.

Tourists and Lodging Movements in July

Amsterdam usually gets pretty crowded in the summer, so it’s packed in July. Many Europeans travel within the continent to enjoy the warm weather, and it is also a vacation for Brazilians and other tourists around the world. July ends up being a fuller month for these reasons. The prices of lodgings and airfares may increase compared to other months like March and September, for example. The best way to be able to afford less traveling at this time is to book your hotel and air tickets well in advance. This way you can guarantee easier fares than closing at the top of the hour, and you can travel even in high season.

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Vondelpark in Amsterdam in July

The Vondelpark Park in Amsterdam is one of the most well-known parks in the Netherlands and has become one of Amsterdam’s main tourist attractions, as well as being a great option for a stroll in the summer. The park has a large lake in the middle and is where the locals of Amsterdam usually go to rest, walk and lie down on the grass to enjoy the sun a little. The Vondelpark is great for those who enjoy exercising, walking, running and cycling. There you will find lots of green area and cool thing to do.

Amsterdam Canal Walk in July

The canals of Amsterdam are the postcard of the city. A boat trip for them is a super cool, romantic experience for couples and you will get to know the city a bit from the past, passing through several sights of Amsterdam. You can also just walk on the canals, which is a free and very cool tour. Anyway, enjoying the canals in the summer is worth it.

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