Electrical Safety tips to keep your family safe

The trouble started when Pat (John’s sister-in-law) was out on vacation. What seemed like a little spark at first as per the neighbor, ignited to full swing and burned half of the house. The good thing was, Pat was not at home. Neighbors saw the fire and it was all sorted out. But what if neighbors didn’t notice the fire? How bad could that fire be?

The moral of the story is, to keep your circuit breakers working testing and tagging if you really want to be in a safe home. Nothing happens at once; everything is ignorance of someone. What you need to do is to keep testing and rectify if anything goes wrong. Here are some tips that can help you save some time.

Always listen to your breaker

Seriously. Not joking. A breaker trips immediately which in short means you need to pay attention to whatever is coming. This is your first warning sign that you need to take off some load over the devices in your home. Turn off the unnecessary devices that are not operating at the moment. This will put on some load off your overall circuit.

Know when to fight

Firefighters recommend that if you have any doubt about a fire, it is best to run out of your house. Yes, in films they can jump over running fire, but in reality, you’ll burn. No need to be the hero and fight the fire. Take the necessary precautions and move out from the house right when you get the chance.

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Never throw water on electrical fire

This will be an obvious one but, to tell the truth, many people do this. Do not throw water on the electrical fire when they are on fire. Water conducts electricity so train your kids not to play with water while there is a problem with the electricity.

Instead, train your kids how to use the fire extinguisher and what to do in an emergency.

Train the kids how to squeeze the extinguisher’s handle. Sweep the extinguisher’s nozzle in a side-to-side motion until the flames are out.

Sure, this sounds easy. But start by paying attention to the circuit breaker. What is it telling you? If it trips immediately, evaluates the situation if you are electrically competent or call an electrician. Don’t call Pat, though; he’s already got enough to do.

Avoid wrapping Extension cords wrapped in Electrical tape

This is the most common mistake we do. We wrap electrical tape around the extension cord. This is the most unsafe way to keep the extension cords. You need to replace the extension cords as soon as you see it is acting weird or having any problem with the current. If it is taking more than normal time to charge your phone or laptop, it means that the extension cord is asking for a replacement. It is best to replace the cord.

To wrap it up. Electrical safety is one thing that you need to be very careful with. Life is just lived once, make sure you stay safe and keep your loved ones safe too.

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