Enterprise mobility solutions- empowering employees within the organization with BYOD

The base purpose of mobility is to drive innovation within the organization.  With the help of this one can get hold of critical data in real time in a safe and secure manner at any given point in time on any mobile device. As a result, companies have been able to make better business decisions as compared to making only reactive changes due to a lack of time, and this has helped to provide their clients with a better end-user experience.

The concept of BYOD has been around for the better part of this last decade. While there has been initial skepticism over things like privacy and security, most of those concerns have been addressed keeping things like employee satisfaction and better productivity in mind. As expected, mobile devices are the chief contributors to both the enterprise mobility software, and the BYOD segment and its position at the top seem to be secure in the long run as well. As the majority of people around the world now carry smartphones with them, it has become much simpler for organizations to manage, integrate, monitor, and deploy mobile devices within the workplace.

The big fish in this sea of enterprise mobility solutions are companies like Microsoft, Infosys, AT&T, SAP SE, Blackberry, and IBM amongst others. The region of Northern America is expected to become the largest shareholder in the enterprise mobility market in the period between 2015-2022 where the market is going to expand at an astounding CAGR of 24.7%. The acceptance of such products and services around the world have made this possible. What was once valued in the region of $85 billion in 2014, is going to touch $510 billion by the end of this forecast period in 2022.

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The IT and telecom industry are the two biggest contributors/benefactors of enterprise mobility solutions. Other major industries that have been bitten rather hard by this technological bug are banking, insurance, manufacturing, retail, logistics, etc. One thing that these industries have in common is the need for high security, and this is one of the major driving factors for things like mobile content security market and identity access management market. These help in aiding company information protection by allowing authorized people to monitor user activities and have access to resources.

Security concerns in BYOD and enterprise mobility drive the mobility security market. Identity access management market, from within the enterprise mobility security market, is expected to grow at the highest rate, followed by mobile content security market. Safety and security are of paramount importance for anything and everything. Back in the day, before mobile technology was in full swing, there had been a lot of losses incurred due to malicious software, devices being stolen and sensitive data being lost. They were all part of the risk that these systems came with before mobility solutions were introduced to reduce the regular occurrence of such problems.

But like most things, mobility solutions are not always the cent percent solution to every problem. The occasional bump in the form of endpoint ownership or the absence of a dominant operating system or even the short life cycle of a device may cause the rare snag, but technologists are working hard to ensure that there are no such problems so that both the customers and the employees benefit. Research in the past has shown that employee mobility improves processes by 30% and productivity by 23% and this can be put down to the performance of happy employees- a win-win situation for all involved.

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Anything that wants to have its presence felt or become a phenomenon needs to grab hold of the center stage to get the desired amount of attention. The entire world sat up and took notice of the advantages that enterprise mobility solutions brought with it for all and sundry. All the doubters have been silenced by now due to the various breakthroughs in technology.  Enterprise mobility solutions that have been taking industries and businesses forward in leaps and bounds and is expected to continue in the same manner.

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