Family Support: The key to Successful Drug Addiction Recovery

They say ‘drug addiction’ doesn’t prey on one but eats up the entire family. This has two implications, one that it can be a hereditary trait in some families to have an attraction towards drugs and second if you have a loved one or a family member suffering from drug addiction, it is most likely to affect you and rest of the family in some way or another.

It can affect the stability of the family, the emotional balance, financial planning, unity as well as mental health. The effects can be devastating, leaving the entire family in twinge.

Considering this infectious effects of drugs, one can say that drug addiction recovery is more or less a family process, wherein each member of the family is directed towards a single goal. The importance of family in recovery can be understood through following headers:

 Family support prior addiction treatment for a sober living:

In most of the cases, it is the family that pushes the addict to get a consultation and not the addict. The family members are ready to get the treatment without even knowing the mental and physical state of the addict.

However, such cases have a minimum rate of success as the addict himself isn’t willing to get cleaned but is forced to undergo the treatment. Here, the family needs to make sure that they have a detailed discussion with the addict and convince him to join a program. You may also hire a rehabilitation therapy counselor to get some help in this type of cases.

Exposing the addict to some intervention processes or persuading them to meet the rehab experts once helps in making their mind to accept the treatment. And when this comes from the family, the results are surely more than usual.

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Family Support during the process of Drug addiction treatment:

The family contribution in a drug addiction treatment case is an ongoing process. After the addict gets enrolled in a program, the family must keep extending their support. Choosing a treatment center that offers family programs is the best way to do it. This was neither the addict nor the family feels left out of the process.  Some common things that the family must be taught about in such programs are:

  • Knowledge about the drug being used
  • How to cope up with turbulent relationships
  • How to communicate effectively
  • Codependency and its role
  • In-depth knowledge of the addiction treatment

Family Support after the recovery:

The support from the family and the recovery process goes hand in hand. An addict is like a child who has learned something new; it is the family only that can help him to utilize his newly acquired knowledge.

Without support & encouragement from the family, the addict might get lost into a void and adapt drug addictions method all again. Thus a family must encourage, support and supervise the addict after successful completion of the drug addiction treatment.

There are many rehabs that educate the families on how to take care of a drug addict post recovery. These lessons help families in playing the important role in the addict’s life.

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