Fashion Trendsetters: 6 Female Celebrities Who Rocked The  Fashion Scene

 Although the fashion industry always welcomes new trends every season, this will not be in this state today if not for the prominent fashion icons. At present, celebrities are capable of taking pictures of their everyday wardrobe, and style shares them on social media channels for the whole world to see.

But, most of the women who simulated these iconic styles did not have the same significant opportunities. These celebrities wear whatever they desired. It’s the reason why many trends emerged during their time.

Today, female celebrities are under the style scrutiny according to the clothes they wear whether to the grocery, on the red carpet, or out for dinner. Below are some of the most leading celebrities and the fashion trend they popularized.

Audrey Hepburn: Black Givenchy Dress 

Now, plenty of people are fascinated and persuaded by this little black dress made by the Givenchy dresses and is famously worn by Audrey Hepburn, for they are very exemplary. The black Givenchy dress is one of the most iconic dresses throughout the history and holds a significant spot in different museums.

Audrey Hepburn is one of the considerations why the obsession for the little black dress never dies. She wore the black Givenchy dress for her iconic role as Holly Golightly in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

To achieve an Audrey Hepburn look, you need large horn-rimmed sunglasses, a triple strand pearl necklace, largely polished updo hairstyle, long cigarette holder, and diamond earrings.

Marilyn Monroe: The Sultry Bombshell


Marilyn Monroe brought in sexiness into the fashion scene. From her high waisted bikinis to her iconic and well known the seven-year itch “the silly dress.” Marilyn introduced the different Hollywood extravagant trends and developed a legacy that continues to influence fashion trends up to date.

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She usually wore a one-piece bathing suit to highlight her curves to greatness completely. However, the white halter that Marilyn wore in the movie The Seven Year Itch in 1995 has become the most popular dress of all time.

For more than fifty years after her death, Marilyn Monroe continues to inspire other people and celebrities, and her classic charm will certainly last forever.

Diana Ross: The Goddess Of Motown

Before there was Queen Bee, there was Queen Diana Ross, and yes, she overwhelmed the world with her style and beauty. She became popular with her vibrant hair to her unchanging elegant sequins and furs.

Diana Ross follows the ranks of Princess Diana and Audrey Hepburn that changed the culture and rocked the fashion scene. For a little insight, Ms. Ross is also a brilliant fashion designer for which she earned full recognition for her creations in the movie Mahogany.

She completely changed the fashion scene with her affection for extravagance and pure glamour. Diana Ross has influenced the present style in five ways. The statement big hair, sensuous hair accessories, long sleeve jumpsuit, glinting gowns and lively furs, and bold eye makeup.

There are plenty of online stores like French Connection in which you can buy different clothing items such as plunging necklines,  maxi dresses, and sheer panels to showcase your inner Diana Ross.

Madonna: The Material Girl

material girl


Madonna became a fashion ruler when she grew popular in the mid-1980s. Either she is wearing gap jeans, navel-baring miniskirts, and cone bras, she never fails to set the trend for fashion.

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She has established various fashion craze that promoted the careers of multiple designers. Madonna also graced countless magazine covers and has been a standard at runway shows all over the world.

Madonna’s fashion style has incorporated almost everything from androgynous to punk, hip-hop, s-m, military, and western looks. Her continuous modification of herself has contemplated her as a performer and as a woman.

Twiggy: The Face of ‘66

Lesley Hornby or popularly known as Twiggy rose to fame because of her hairstyle that is even shorter than a bob hairstyle, thick eyelashes, and her boyish style. Her great look comprises of surprising colors, hemlines above the knee, geometric patterns, and a pair of boots.

Even though she does not have that many curves in her body, Twiggy made her way right into the fashion industry. And now, most of the models aim to be as slim as Twiggy. She became a remarkable fashion icon because of her adventurous and known for her daring and revolutionary 60s styles.

Elizabeth Taylor: Fashion Icon

Elizabeth Taylor wore a lot of plunging dresses when she was a blossoming actress in 1950s. These dresses were simple, but she makes sure to show off a bit of her sexual appeal. That is why she picks dresses that show just the right amount of cleavage but never in an impolite way.

Also, she always welcomed innovative styles and eventually her fashion became fearless. Elizabeth adorned pieces of flowers, sequins, feathers, beading, and bows. These accessories consistently made news at every event she attended.

Elizabeth Taylor prefers wearing bright colors and vibrant hue pieces. In this manner, she made a daring statement, which you can easily imitate by opting a dress in your preferred color. Additionally, she was a fan of beautiful and expensive jewels which makes her look breathtaking.

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From Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Diana Ross, Madonna, Twiggy, and Elizabeth Taylor these following fashion idols have given us a remarkable legacy. They did not only inspire men and women of their era but each of their lasting significance carries on to makes all of us want to imitate their looks.

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