6 Foods You Should Not Eat While Traveling

While traveling to the exotic locations to having a short business tour everyone try to make most out of it and visit as many places as possible. Other than exploring the exciting places, exploring flavors and trying new dishes and the food is also an important part of any tour. Everyone try to eat things which are famous for any particular location or anything which is new and hasn’t tried yet.

You can always find famous foods of a particular place and also which restaurant serves the best food on the Internet, but not everything must be eaten while traveling. Some of the food might be dangerous for you, and if you are not local and have complete knowledge about that food, you can face serious issues or even die from eating it.

1.    Sannakji

This is a famous Korean recipe which is made from the small octopus. Even after serving the suckers do have the same functionality and properties. In this dish, the suckers of small octopus are separated from its body and served, but if not chew properly these suckers can stick in your throat and can cause choking.

2.    Casu Marzu

This is one of the well-known traditional dishes of Sardinia called Casu Marzu. In simple words this is a rotten maggot cheese, yes you heard it right. This is a type of cheese containing a good number of live larvae in it. This cheese is banned in the entire European Union because these live larvae can cause gastrointestinal issues and other health and digestion problems as well.

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3.    Fugu

This is one of the famous foods in the top dangerous food of the world. This fish is well-known for its poisonous properties and required special training, years of experience and certification for cooking and serving this fish. Fugu’s internal organs especially its liver have concentrated paralytic compound called tetrodotoxin. If this compound gets interacted with fish meat while cutting or cooking can spoil the entire dish because once eaten this can cause fatal to a human.

4.    Blood Clams

If you love seafood and clams, you must be trying seafood of different places but beware don’t eat blood clams. These clams are harvested in the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific, and the Atlantic. As many of the clams are safe and delicious to eat the blood clams can infect you with viruses and bacteria’s such as hepatitis A, typhoid, and dysentery. As blood clams live in very low oxygen environments, they can cause a big damage especial those which are harvested from Chinese water because they are famous for causing hepatitis.

5.    Hakarl

The Hakarl is a rotten shark food, a traditional food of Greenland; it is considered a traditional Icelandic food which does not have a urinary tract or any kidney. This causes the fish to absorb all the toxins and water to the skin and meat. That is why when Hakarl is consumed it causes food poising and food-borne illness. For safely consume this fish locals dry it up to six months to ferment the shark.

6.    Poisonous fruits

Many fruits around the world are poisonous at some stage, or other parts of the fruit are poisonous. While traveling, you might not notice a difference between a poisonous and non-poisonous fruit can cause issues.

  • Ackee: this fruit can cause vomiting, coma, and death when eaten before it is fully ripe. The yellow flesh is okay to eat when the fruit is burst open after-ripen, the Achee belongs to Jamaica.
  • Raw Cashews: the raw cashews can cause your life and reacts to your skin when consumed in large quantity due to the dangerous chemical present called urushiol.

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