Free pickup and drop available; do visit properties before you decide on buying


Incentives encouraging you to buy! But do not go only by appearances. A site visit is essential to buy any property

 A ‘free pickup and drop’ sounds so convenient and to the buyer there is no harm in just going and looking at the properties in an area on a weekend. That is what most people think while looking for optimal apartment projects to buy.

Presently, the realty market has become so competitive, that buyers have no shortage of options. If one real estate agent cannot get them their heart’s desire then they easily just go directly to the builders who are waiting with open arms. Thus, in order to successfully seal the deal, other incentives also need to be provided to encourage the buyers to come take a look at certain properties in the first place.

So, then what are the factors that discourage homebuyers from visiting certain properties? Roll up your sleeves and scroll down this blog viewpoint.

The Internet is the culprit; it makes or mars the reputation of the builders

Having the data to make an informed choice is fine. But a visit clears the air. 

In today’s world of the World Wide Web, people always have access to infinite sources of information where they can read up on the property and the neighborhood that they are going to visit. Buyers like to be well read and know the pros and cons of the place beforehand. They want to look at the reviews given to the place by the earlier tenants as well for a non-biased perspective. This means that by the time the realty agent has knocked on their door step to take them to visit specific luxury apartments, the buyer has already made up his or her mind about whether they even think the property is worth their time or not.

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If the Internet comes up with negative reviews of the place, this repels potential buyers from even visiting and this leaves no time for the agent or builder to woo them. In any case most builders and developers struggle to build a good reputation.

To the further and beyond-Why travel when the weekend can be spent at home

People dislike time wastage that comes with traveling long distances to see under-construction sites. 

If a property is extremely far off from the current living place of the buyer then he or she will not be motivated to travel the long distance and go through the hassle of being stuck in the traffic for hours. A long hour of commute is something that every Indian is used to by now. They would not prefer moving out of their comfort zone to check out a property, which they may or may not end up buying. They would also not prefer shifting very far off than compared to their current location.

People normally would prefer a property that is within the radius of the schools, recreational centers and the workplace, rather than luxury villas that are very spacious but tucked far away. But few buyers understand long-term benefits and do take the trouble for the site visit. When there is a pickup and drop facility, why not avail of it? 

Report on location and project is decisive

Lacking that stamp of approval may cause people to avoid the site visit 

If after looking at the pictures and the introspection report, the buyer feels that the property is not worth the money, this will discourage them from traveling to view any apartment or villa projects in Bangalore. Some areas are underdeveloped and do not excite the buyer to make a move. If any apartment projects have a negative review they are avoided.

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Remedying the problem by the builder can be useful

No property or location is perfect. A buyer has to make a small compromise or sacrifice. 

Every property will have certain flaws, except if the buyer is ready to shell out a small treasure box for it. They will either be far from good amenities or they will need to be brought up to date so the house does not look shabby. Builders try to combat such shortcomings by providing incentives to the buyers to spur them to visit the property.

Tip: Avail of the offer and get doubts cleared rather than lose an opportunity to make a wise investment.

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