Gaming Keyboard is the best Birthday Present for Kids

Parents are always concerned about kid’s happiness. They want to make sure that kids feel special on a birthday. They plan a birthday before a month and selecting a gift for their kids seems like a great task to them. They explore a wide variety of gift ideas before they pick one gift. The reason for this entire struggle is to achieve happiness of their kids and to present them something they really love. If your kid likes to play games then MOTOSPEED 104 Esport Gaming keyboard seems like the best birthday gift for him. I know you won’t be convinced easily; you want to explore the main features of this device. So, here you go.

5 features which make MotoSpeed 104 the best gaming keyboard

Here are some features which would enhance this keyboard value in the eyes of your kids.

1.fully backlit

This device comes with on/off LED backlit. If your kids need light, then they can turn on the light and turn it off when they don’t need it. fully backlit colorful LEDs system with seven colors makes it very special for the kids. They would like to keep this colorful keyboard on their desk. It is better for them, especially when they are playing games in low light situation.


This keyboard is very light weight. Kids can keep it in their lap and don’t feel any burden. Kids usually play games for long hours, and thus, they won’t have any pressure on their lap while using this device.


Though this device is light weight at the same time, it is strong enough. Kids who buy it are using it for more than a year, and they don’t have any issue with it so far.

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4.Stylish look

Kids today concern more about style and glam. They don’t like cheap things. So, if you present this gaming keyboard as a gift, they would love its stylish look. It doesn’t integrate with crap look keys that give you cheap feelings whenever you press them.

5.Water outlets

This keyboard is designed with multiple water outlets at the bottom for water draining. Seems like the best feature you hardly get in other gaming keyboards.

Other great features:

I provided you details of its special features, but the reality is that it has some other good features as well. Let’s have a look at them.

  • 104 keys QWERTY gaming keyboard
  • Keystrokes life up to 10 million times
  • Stand structure at the bottom, stable and reliable
  • With a switch to turn on and off the backlit


A good gaming keyboard is what your kids love to have. So, if your kid takes good interest in gaming especially GTA, then you need to present them this keyboard. Even you can consider some other computer peripherals such as gaming mouse, a USB hub, adapter or similar things. Would you like to go with this simple plan? Share your opinion with us.

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