Know More about Generac 5887 Generator

This is an in-depth review of the Generac Guardian Series 5887 20kw standby generator, in which you will learn exactly why this latest home generator from the Generac generator product range is rated so highly.

You will get information on the Generac 5887 specifications; learn what is good about it, and what problems buyers may have had with it. We will be covering what sort of power you can expect from this house generator, and if it is going to meet your power needs in the case of an emergency when a power outage has taken place.

We always check numerous outlets to find the cheapest prices for whole house generators, and we will disclose to you our findings, and tell you where you can buy the Generac 5887 backup generator for the best price.

Whether the Generac 5887 model is going to be the right choice for you will ultimately be your decision. We will provide as much information on this house generator as we can so that you can make up your own mind whether this best whole house generator for home use is going to be suitable for you or not!

Generac 5887 Description

The Generac 5887 20,000 Watt Air-Cooled Liquid Propane/Natural Gas Powered Standby Generator Without Transfer Switch (CARB Compliant) is one of the most powerful generators for residential use on the market today.

The Generac Guardian 5887 provides up 20,000 watts of power, which is enough to power your whole house, and then some. This is an upgrade on the Generac 5873 model.

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You have the option of fueling it from liquid propane or from natural gas or even be ready for both options in case one option is not available for a period of time. Using liquid propane will generate up to 20,000 watts, and powering it with natural gas can provide up to 18,000 watts.

As soon as a power cut or power outage takes place, the Generac 5887 will begin providing power to your home in a matter of seconds. This will happen regardless of the fact if you are at home or not, and is ideal to keep the food in your freezer from going off.

Once the Guardian Series 5887 Generac has been installed, it will be ready to run itself without any input from you, as it is fully automated.

The casing for this home generator is constructed from aluminum, which ensures that there will be no weathering or corrosion of the power unit casing, regardless of how harsh the weather conditions are.

Once the regular power to your house has been restored, the Generac 5887 will begin a cooling process, and then shut itself down.

It comes with Quiet Test Technology. This basically means that it is very quiet for a generator that can omit that much power. It is less noisy than a car that is running idle, and that should keep you and your neighbours happy.

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