Golden Visa: Why Spain is the Best Option?

During the recent years, a growing demand to obtain residency in European countries have been observed from non-EU national. Wealthy individuals across the world are showing great interest to obtain native rights to live like a local is foreign countries after making financial investments in infrastructure and real estate projects. After observing this huge interest of candidates to obtain nationality, a growing number of European countries introduced a specific visa scheme called Golden Visa, which enables candidates to enjoy residency after purchasing real estate assets. This initiative is designed to attract a maximum number of foreign investments to accelerate property market and economy.

Among the list of European countries offering Golden Visa, Spain golden visa has earned absolute fame across the world. Here I am sharing few primary reasons that have made it popular.

Growing property prices

The property market is showing positive signs after a long break. Since 2008, it recently experiences first price rise. According to market analyst, after few years of decline, asset prices are stabilizing and expected to increase across the Spain.

Flexible property purchase

The purchasing property has become easier today. According to previous laws, investments only made on individual levels were accepted. Nowadays, investors are allowed to purchase properties either directly or indirectly through registered company.

Improved policies for couples

Before implementation of new policies, married couples who wish to purchase a property together, have to make an individual investment of €500,000. This reduces the benefits for unmarried couples. Recent amendments not only benefited couples but also enable them to benefit with the law of “domestic partnership” by Civil Registry.

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Unmatched lifestyle facilities

The strategic location of Spain, enable it to connect with several international airports and fast-speed trains called “AVE.” Besides this, it well maintained road and rail link enable this territory to provide efficient travel across the Schengen zone and distant destinations. The terrain is also known to boast some of the top international schools. According to latest prosperity index the high standard of education listed Spain on the top among the nations offering golden visa residency.

Moreover, the country also possesses excellent healthcare services. Its world-class medical care and infrastructure facilities that are managed efficiently by the government are easily accessible to everyone living here. Satisfactory medical facilities also improve the health of natives living here. A recent study conducted by Euro Stat has revealed that Spanish people live longest in Europe, whereas WHO listed Spain on the second position for longevity after Japan.

Incredible food and dining options

Spain is known to possess few of the most highly rated restaurants in the world. Few of them are El Celler de Can Roca and the former El Bulli. Natives love eating a Mediterranean diet, which also relates to high expectancy level.

Growing economy and work permits

According to the IMF, the GDP is expected to grow 2.5% by the next year. The booming economy declared this territory is one of the best economies in the Eurozone. As the residency permit is giving the right to live and work there, investors are showing great interest to avail the residency.

Summary: Although these benefits are compelling enough to attract foreign investors towards Spain, non-EU residents want to avail this opportunity due to eventual citizenship.

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