Do the Griha Pravesh at your home this festive season

Bangalore is probably among those places that anyone in India would love to stay and work. There are many reasons for this. The most important among this is the cosmopolitan nature of the city, which embraces both migrants and natives in the same way. The garden city though is an IT hub is also preferred by many as a residential option because of the feasibility of various services that are required to make a place residential area. When the city is becoming crowded each day people are selecting areas like Whitefield to buy a house mainly because of its connectivity to the city as well as the availability of proper transport service. For those who are planning to buy a home in Bangalore, this festive season is the best time to do so.

As mentioned above those planning do their Griha Pravesh or house warming this year, and are looking to do it in the most traditional manner as possible, this festive season is the best answer for them. Irrespective of the fact that people nowadays are adopting many western methods to build their house, when it comes to conducting the Griha Pravesh Indians are very particular about the shub muhurat (auspicious time). A Griha Pravesh done at an auspicious time is expected to bring good health and wealth to the family. According to the experts days like Vasant Panchami, Akshaya Tritiya, Gudi Padwa, and Dussehra are some days that are auspicious and are best for conducting Griha Pravesh. However, days like Holi, Shraddha Paksha, Adhikmas, and Uttarayana are not considered that good and people generally avoid starting anything in these days. It is also believed that Dussehra is so auspicious that during the festival there is not even a need to look at a particular time as the entire day is supposed to be apt for starting anything new. With the availability of luxury villas in Whitefield, those looking to move into luxury should not give it a second thought.

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Here are some things to keep in mind before doing the Griha Pravesh.

This year Navratri is from 21 September and ends on 29 September as mentioned above Dussehra is the most apt day, and the preparations can be so made that the house warming is done on the very same day. This will also give you an option to celebrate this year’s Diwali—The Festival of Lights at your new home. What could be a better situation other than celebrating this festive season with your family and loved ones in your dream home?

One should only plan to move into a house once it is completely done and suitable for living. It is not necessary that even the interior has to be complete but the roof should be done, and all the windows and doors too must be fixed before the family starts living there. If you are spiritually inclined then you might definitely have a prayer area in the house, and it should be complete and idols placed before house warming function is fixed. If you are extremely traditional, then decorating the main entrance is one of the inevitable things. The main door according to vastu experts is considered to bring in wealth and good vibes into the house, and therefore can be decorated with symbols like a swastika or Lakshmi’s feet. People belonging to different religions have their own beliefs, and this can be done accordingly. If you are a person who doesn’t believe in something particular then decorating the main door with fresh flowers can also be an option. Fresh flowers are supposed to bring positive energy.

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People belonging to various religions have different methods that they believe makes their new house suitable for living. Hindus mainly believe in performing pujas like Ganesh puja or Navagraha Shanti, which means worship of the nine planets Vastu puja is also an important ritual performed. Christians believe in sprinkling holy water and reading verses from the bible. Similarly, people indulge in various religious methods according to their faith and beliefs. Providing food to needy is also very good if you are seeking blessings.

Cooking something sweet for the first time in the kitchen, and putting the right foot first into the home are also practices that many follow. People also believe in making rangoli with various colors as it is believed to bring Laxmi the goddess of wealth into the home. The type of rangolis put changes with the regions and the beliefs of people.

Apart from all these, the urge to make the home the best place to live in and the one that makes you come back there, again and again, is completely dependent on the attitude of the people staying there.

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