10 ideas for outdoor fun

Children are always happy to play outside – it does not matter if the sun is pouring out of the window, it’s raining like snow or snow. Sometimes, however, there are no ideas – because as long as you can play in a gang or hide and seek. When the children give up and out of boredom want to come back home, parents should take part in the action. The kids every day want to discover something, look for new experiences and expect mom and dad to help them meet these needs.

1. Balloon:

Toddlers love balloons – it is beyond doubt. That’s why you can successfully use them when you play outside.

Let’s go out into the fresh air with a few balloons. At the beginning, inflate 1 or 2 and let the child play with them. The rest can be filled with something else, such as water or sand. Let the child touch them, shake them, throw them (the child will probably have the most joy when the water balloon breaks). He can also fill them with some fine material, such as pebbles.

 2. Treasure hunters:

It’s the perfect game for older children. It develops imagination, teaches logical thinking, reading maps and paying attention to details.

How to play? The simplest version is to prepare a map, for easy starters. Then give it to your child and give him time to find a precious treasure (it can be a box of sweets, a cinema ticket for a fantastic fairy tale or a small toy). Of course, let’s hide the treasure in a safe place earlier. If we play in our own yard, we do not have to worry that the treasure will fall into the wrong hands. However, in a situation where we are playing in front of a block, let’s hide it in a place where other children do not have easy access.

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With time, you can raise the level of difficulty. In order to get a hint, the child will have to do some task, for example, make a 2-fold bench promise or give a kiss to mum.

3. Valuable diving

When the window is warm, kids would like to have a full day splashing in the water. However, you can not always go to the lake. That is why it is worth buying a kids’ sprinkler and putting it in front of the house.

If the child begins to get bored, let’s offer him some simple games with the sprinkler, such as catching coins. Spread the pennies to the bottom and let the children catch them all. And what about the reward? He will receive the coins that he can fetch.

You can successfully run such a game in your own backyard.

4. A blank twister

It’s a simple family fun. Spread a blanket on the grass. The participants’ task is to fit on it. When it works, everyone should get up. Then put the blanket in half. Participants must again get to him. Later, you can re-assemble the blanket and see if this time will succeed. Warning! All poses and holds allowed. However, at the beginning of the game, you can determine that only lying or sitting positions will be accepted.

5. What jumped into my mouth?

Fun in flavors is a great way to encourage a small eater to try vegetables or fruits.

If you like spending time at picnics, take different vegetables and seasonal fruits, such as strawberries, raspberries, radishes, cucumbers, and currants. Fun is about guessing flavors. Cover the child’s eyes with the band and put the fruit or vegetables in his mouth. The task of the toddler is to guess what has just jumped into his mouth. Later, the parent can guess.

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Children like guessing games and they will definitely like this game. In addition to the fact that they will have great fun, they will also absorb a portion of vitamins and minerals. Good fun plus health – this is the shortest way to characterize this game.

6. Flying a kite:

Dandelions, kites, wind … Flying kites is such an inspiring activity that songs are written about him. Why not propose this game to children?

You do not have to spend money on it because the kite can be made with your child. On this occasion, the child will learn the principles of construction and develop his manual skills. The only thing we need is glue, a sheet of paper, wooden slats, string, adhesive tape, knife, ball, scissors, paints or markers and … a bit of patience. After making a kite, take a trip to the nearby hill and try your hand there.

This is the perfect game for fathers and sons. Strengthens relationships and teaches effective cooperation.

7. Racing:

Even small children show a certain desire to compete. That’s why you can organize a running competition from time to time. If we are parents of an only child, let us stand alone at the start. The nearest tree or bench will be the finish line. For older children, the route may be longer. Of course, let the child win from time to time – the toddler also wants to feel that he is the best at something.

8. Raining song

It is a fun game that can be organized when the window is being blown – who said that during the rain children must be bored?

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If the weather forecast indicates that it will rain all day, choose a song or a rhyme with the baby. Try to teach her in the morning, then go out and sing/recite her outside. You can move to the bar and jump into the puddle at the refrain.

9. Seasonal fashion show

This game is, in turn, the perfect offer for mothers and daughters. It allows you to develop imagination and creativity, allows you to improve manual skills.

Suggest a little elegant woman create a creature with the addition of flowers, leaves or seasonal vegetables and fruits. A fashion show can be done in front of the house and invite the whole family to it.

10. Obstacle course

It’s fun for small tough guys. You can set obstacles in the yard or on the square under the block. Remember, however, that they are safe and that in the event of deduction did not cause injuries to the child. These can be plastic pots, wicker baskets or other items that you can find at home.


Outdoor activities are a great way to develop your child’s imagination, improve manual skills and get to know the world around you better. In addition, the child, when he is outside, oxygenates, tempers, becomes more physically fit. Therefore, if your child wants to go outside even in bad weather, it is not worth forbidding it. Continuous sitting at home can have a much worse effect on the toddler’s health than, for example, a walk in the rain.

What are your children playing most with? Share your ideas in our comment box.

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