What is the importance of Christmas for Christians?

The significance of Christmas is known to many all over the world taking into consideration that it is the major religion of the world with the majority of the followers.

Although it is celebrated as the day of birth of Jesus Christ, it also symbolizes deep significant truth of the moral and spiritual life to all Christians. Jesus Christ is the personification of divinity.

Divinity and humanity blend together miraculously for the salvation of humankind. Being born at a time when greed, hatred, superstition, and hypocrisy prevailed upon the earth. He worked a tremendous and terrific transformation in the lives of many people.

By incarnation of the son of the highest many significances were felt during the time of Jesus Christ ministry on this earth up to this day. Jesus came to save the lost world through his sacrificial atoning death.

So, by the death of Jesus Christ on the cross comes salvation of all humankind as believed by Christians. He also came to proclaim gospel, liberty, and freedom to the poor in heart and those in bondage and oppression by Satan.

He did this as He was filled and led by the power of the Holy Spirit at the start of his ministry acting to us as an example. Majority of the people celebrate Christmas to mark all the deeds that the almighty done to the world. Although no one has real data concerning his birth date, people celebrate and share with each other Christmas Wishes because they value the gift that God gave to the world.

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Not unless we are filled by the divine power from above, all our efforts as human beings futile. This is because of the inherent sinful nature we have. It originated from Adam and Eve when they sinned against God thus paying obedience to Satan the deceiver and father of lies from the beginning.

By grace and faith through Jesus Christ, a person who believes is saved by Him. He died for the sake of all humanity. He took the sins of the world so by believing that he is the son of the Highest God and he died for our sins lies the salvation of the one who believes in Him. Jesus led humanity to all the truth concerning the will of God.

He taught obedience to the will of GOD, persistent praying through Him and asking forgiveness from Our Father.

Jesus also taught moral values contained in the ten commandments; the Decalogue. This is the love of God and your neighbor. He did so because he is indeed the culmination of law and prophets. As a Christian, you should emulate the exemplary roles of Jesus Christ.

This is by being humble, obedient and loving. All Jesus taught is built on the principle of love. By love, we fulfill our duties towards God and our neighbors. This is the most significant thing taught by Jesus Christ.

Christmas is very imperative to Christians because it reminds them of all the things that Jesus did to the world. God gave him as a gift to humanity and that’s why we celebrate him on this special day.

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