Improve Your Wellbeing With Air and Earth

Air and Earth are two of the four elements that govern the twelve zodiac signs. Air covers the mental facilities of the body. It influences your train of thought and capacity to make objective decisions. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the signs powered by air. On the other hand, Earth covers the physical being. It relies on the five senses to appreciate the art and beauty that exists in the world. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn prefer to be grounded in reality. Moreover, the three zodiacs are sources of support.

While a palm reader may improve the state of your fate, they cannot assess the state of your wellbeing. Taking cues from your birth chart to make sense of your needs is fitting than waiting for the future to unfold. You can trace your air and earth balance to find what you lack and need to work on for a better sense of self.

Blown Away by Air

Air signs are communicators. They thrive on interaction with others. They have a knack for expressing their thoughts regardless of they were brought up. Thus, air signs dominate the mental field.

Air helps you view things objectively because of its power to detach from emotion. Moreover, air influences you to seek and yearn for additional learning.

When the body operates on too much air, the minds float on thoughts and ideas that can cause insomnia. The lack of sleep and limited breathing space makes it difficult to organize your thoughts. Constant disorganized thinking may result in boredom and apathy. Worse, it can lead you to lose your drive in the things that you do.

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How To Stay ‘Grounded’

Instead of blowing your energy on senseless talking, texting and email conversations, allow the thoughts in your head to settle before the day ends. A moment of downtime before bed will enable you to take a break from information overload. Stay away from devices and materials with images and news that induce anxiety.

Relying on stimulants and looking for a constant distraction to remove yourself from the situation can turn into an addictive habit. The habit can do more harm than good in the long run. It is better to replace them with activities that allow you to get fresh air. Bird watching, immersing in butterfly gardens and a bunch of outdoor activities are healthier alternatives to intaking stimulants.

You can cleanse the space at home by using sage and allowing fresh air through the windows. When your thoughts dominate your life, you can use a journal to record them instead of overthinking things.

Stable Support System

Earth signs rely on grounded energy. They thrive on sensation and physicality. People dominated by earth uses the five senses to guide them through life. They need time to feel the situation to comprehend the workings of their environment to full extent.

The Earth element is what hinges us to pleasures involving touch, taste, and smell. The sense of sight and hearing helps us reveal the art and beauty of life.

Moreover, Earth signs are also the elements of support. They bring authority and tradition, maintain fertility and wholeness as well as encourage craft, purification, and service.

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People who lack the element of earth in their chart finds it difficult to grasp on reality. Attending to bills, rent and planning steps to achieve specific goals can prove a challenge. Being deprived of touch and spending an excessive amount of time in an artificial environment throws you off balance and will require you to feel “earthed.”

How To Get in Touch

Engaging in activities that delight the senses are ways to feel grounded. Going barefoot, sitting on the ground, getting massages and trying out pottery, gardening, auto or home repair or other craft-making activities engages the sense of touch. Trying out foreign and unusual cuisine that excites the tastebuds awakens the sense of taste while exploring the wilderness or natural places will give you new sights to indulge. The key is to look for ways to stimulate the senses in a relaxed manner and unhurried environment.

You may identify with the having too much or too little of air and earth elements in your life. Before ruling on the idea, it helps to identify the element prominent in your birth chart. Both air and earth rule over the body so addressing physical issues and mental concerns contribute to overall wellness.

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