Interior Design for Medical and Health Clinics

Waiting in a clinic or an OPD in a hospital can now be a pleasant experience, thanks to the innovative interiors being adopted by the healthcare industry. Are you a skilled medical professional in need for a make over to make patients more comfortable sitting outside? Read on. 

Making the lobby worth the wait

In the evenings, clinics are full with people. Now the waiting lounge has to become more attractive.

In the last few years, there has been a drastic change in the décor of a waiting room. No more dog-eared stale magazines, plywood benches, green curtains and smell of medicines that turn away the patients.

Many healthcare facilities have branded their clinics and hospitals to make them impressive. Clean and hygienic conditions, pleasant settings, and well laid sitting areas make it comfortable for the patients. Some clinics are more successful today because they make the patient feel better in the reception or lobby area!

During peak periods, patients, and their family fill the room. A nice coffee and snack area is a useful addition to the lobby at one end. If there is not much space, then to keep them occupied a television set can be placed. The color scheme should be brighter to make everyone smile.

Size does not matter

Not every doctor or medical practitioner is well established enough to be able to afford a luxurious clinic with vast waiting spaces.

 A clinic always has to be divided into two main parts—one would be the doctor’s chamber, and the other would be the waiting room. Compartmentalizing the available area would provide the doctor with privacy with each patient.

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However petite space might be, it is always possible to include minimalistic décor to make the waiting room more welcoming. Use the underutilized spaces such as the walls to hang paintings or photos. Keep a small table with a stack of magazines.

Segregate the dispensing area

The dispensary should not be located where patients can directly look into. 

In Indian clinics, dispensaries are included in the clinic. They do take up considerable space. It makes the patients feel uncomfortable due to the inevitable bitter treatment that is coming their way. In addition, dispensaries contain prescription medicines that have to be kept at controlled temperature and moisture levels.

Architectural considerations for designing

Patient’s convenience should be paramount while doing interiors of clinics and hospitals. 

There should be ample of ventilation and sunlight in the room. Clients should not feel clamped or sweaty. Especially in small spaces, air conditioning is advisable for better ventilation.  An adequate number of chairs or sofas is a must.

Taking in view all sorts of patients, those with disabilities should not have difficulty moving about.

These considerations are thoughtful and make the visit to the doctor satisfactory. The World over, this is the norm and in a metro like Bangalore where medical tourism is gaining traction innovative interior designers in Bangalore proves to be patient friendly.

The doctor’s chamber should reflect ‘businesses

A calming and minimalistic interior adds to the confidence of the patient inside the chamber. 

After all the waiting, the patient finally enters the doctor’s chamber. Opposing to the very stimulating waiting area, the doctor’s office should be very serene and let the patient be comfortable. Interior décor should be sleek and efficient so that the doctor does not waste any time in finding the instruments or medications that need to be utilized.

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The furniture should not overwhelm the office. The doctor should also hang up certificates or degrees where the patient can see. It will win the trust and respect for treatment, and there is no need to ask the doctor about his experience.

Another common way of establishing rapport with the patient is putting up photographs of the family, notes of appreciation from other patients or even thank you notes. Plants can also be a delightful addition, as they are known to be air purifiers, and thus reduce germs in the atmosphere.

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