Know about Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing a form of self hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques for a better birth. It helps you feel relaxed, in control (by giving up control to the contractions).

I’ve read the books, seen the videos and heard all the stories. But what has resonated with me is my very own experience. Girl, childbirth is NO joking matter. But you know what, I know that my body was created to push my baby out. With that being said let me explain my stance. Hypnobirthing is amazing! So I was introduced to hypnobirthing by you tube! Seriously who would’ve thought?

I remember the night before I had my daughter (I didn’t know that I would have her the next day). My sister was doing my hair (I asked God not to let me go into labor until my hair was done) and I just so happened to see a video about a woman having a water-birth (that’s the birth I had planned). In the video, she talked about hypnobirthing. I was so intrigued. I watched video after video after video. They all seemed to carry the same general theme, relaxing and riding the wave of the contraction.

The following day when my active labor started I did all the things I learned from the videos. It didn’t make the pain “less, ” but it sure made it more manageable. The fact that I was at home and able to walk around, take a shower and eat/drink made it so much better. When the contractions came, I would repeat my affirmations, breath and ride the contraction. It was almost like a birthing dance. A beautiful dance that ended with my baby earthside, happy and as beautiful as i imagined.

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How does hypnobirthing work?

Well, at first it felt like a strange feeling as i was trying to get the hang of it. Remember the pregnancy dos and dont’s every one talks about? That was one of the things that came into my mind. Like was it useful? I later realized that i should have done it a long time ago. So, am going to give a step by step guide and hopefully you will be acquainted.

The core effect of hypnobirthing is to enable the mother to be in a position to eliminate fear, relax the mind and give birth to a healthy baby. The process entails breathing exercises making the contractions which are refereed to as surges, less painful and tolerable.


I would recommend hypnobirthing classes to every pregnant couple. It brings you together as a couple, empowers you the birthing mother and gives you the chance to trust your body and feel from within your natural instincts on what to do. It helps you be at ease, breath and eradicates feelings of fear. Hypnobirthing teaches you that the fear cycle is real. When you’re afraid your body tenses up & that just makes your contractions that much more painful. Releasing your body and allowing your body to do what it was created to do, makes for a better outcome.

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