Launching The IPPC 2017

A conference is a meeting where two or more people gather to discuss particular issues or topics for a specific period of time. It may last for a single day, several days, or a week. There are various types of conferences that are classified according to their purpose or topic of discussion. A church conference is usually held with the primary aim of discussing religious or spiritual matters. Conferences have a wide range of benefits. This depends on their intended purpose. All conferences are similar. They enhance dissemination of relevant information to the attendees.

International Pastors and Partners’ Conference is an annual event that is held in November in Lagos, Nigeria. The conference is usually hosted by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome who is the founder and president of Believers’ Loveworld. It comprises of an assembly of the most prominent spiritual leaders and associate financial partners from different countries across the world. This religious convocation provides an ideal opportunity for the distinguished spiritual leaders to meet with Pastor Chris. The main aim of this convocation is to award and celebrate the spiritual leaders for their indisputable efforts in the ministry. They also receive inspirational teachings that motivate them to continue serving in the ministry. The conference comprises of two meetings in one. These include the International Pastors’ Conference of Pastors and ministers in Christ Embassy and the Partners’ Conference.

The 2017 conference is scheduled to be held from 13th to 19th November at the Loveworld convocation arena. The Christ Embassy is a community that is composed of a global network of churches with diverse congregations. They all converge with a joint mission of spreading the knowledge about the sovereignty of Jesus Christ. Chris Oyakhilome is the founder of Christ Embassy Ministry. He is a staunch Christian and a unique minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He continues to prosper in his exemplary leadership qualities. He holds the titles of a teacher, pastor, healing minister, TV host, and the most prominent author. He is enthusiastic about spreading his knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ across all nations in the world. He is significantly recognized for establishing a healing ministry known as the Healing School. His book that is known as “Rhapsody Of Realities” is the world’s number one best selling devotional book. More than half a billion copies of the book are distributed worldwide in over eight hundred languages. He is also recognized for initiating the first 24-hour Christian Satellite Network in Africa.

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The International Pastor and Partners Conference previously held an award ceremony known as Future African Leaders (FALA) 2016. Members of the Christ Embassy Ministry and representatives of the federal and state governments were among the notable attendees of the event. The overall population of attendance was approximately over twenty thousand people. The event was also streamed live on more than five hundred terrestrial and cable TV stations across one hundred countries in the world. The award winners expressed their joy and awe upon the nomination and receiving the awards. Twenty-eight individuals from eighteen nations were nominated in the ceremony.

The winner attained global recognition and also received a token worth twenty-five thousand dollars. The rest of the nominees were awarded ten thousand dollars each by the host of the event. The conference also emphasizes participation in outreach ministries such as the Innercity Mission for Children. The Intercity Mission targets at reaching out to the vulnerable children who reside in deprived communities. This outreach program acts as an intervention in promoting child development, child care, support, health, and nutrition. It also helps to restore broken family bonds and households.

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