How To Look Classy And Fashionable On A Budget

It is a fact that every woman expresses who she is through her sense of fashion. Being fashionable and stylish is not always about having lots of money to spend on clothes or buying haute couture. As long as you develop your sense of style, you will feel stylish in almost every outfit and others will perceive you as classy and modern. So, here’s a list of simple things you can do to look classy without breaking a bank.

Put an accent on your lips

Always wear lipstick! It is a simple way to look all dolled up on any budget. You don’t have to put too much makeup on, just keep it simple and subtle and add an accent with a bold color lipstick. Make sure your hair is neat and don’t hesitate to make an updo.  Adding a headband scarf to any updo is a great way to update your outfit and make it chic!

Take care of your hands and nails

Make sure your nails look neat. That doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money on a manicure, it means avoiding that chipped nail polish awful look by regularly painting them and removing nail polish as soon as it gets chipped. To keep your nails healthy invest in a nail conditioner – it will help your nails stay strong and nourished. Red nails go perfectly with almost every outfit; painting your nails in red shades will make your hands look classy. Show off your edginess, choose an alternative way to make your hands look beautiful and opt for a black or gray shade nail polish.

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Find inspiration in distinctive vintage pieces

What makes you fashionable the most is developing your own style. Buying an outfit seen on a billboard doesn’t guarantee that it will look good on you. Instead, you are risking a fashion disaster! You should avoid buying and wearing clothes that somebody else chose.

On the other hand, wearing thrift store finds as a part of your outfit – a combination of old and new with a touch of your own stylishness in details like jewelry or other accessories will for sure make you look like a runway model and show off your unique style. Explore thrift stores and second-hand stores to find distinctive pieces to complete your outfits because that is the best way to create your own fashion style. Finding interesting items to combine with your clothes such as colorful ’80s shirts and blouses, vintage denim, shiny, glittery accessories will for sure make you noticeable.

Wardrobe classics

A black leather jacket is a must-have in every closet! It is one of those clothing items that go great with everything and that give that special fashionable touch to every outfit. It is a long-term investment since you can wear it for years knowing it never goes démodé. Whether you wear it as a part of your party outfit, over a sequin mini dress or combining it with a plain white tee, a vintage pair of jeans and animal print sandals or glittery flats in your everyday outfit, you won’t make a mistake.  Also, make sure to have plain, neutral T-shirts in your wardrobe (black and white tees are a must!) because you can always combine them with some eccentric pieces and make a noticeable outfit in five minutes.

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Make a statement with accessories

The key to a perfect fashionable outfit is in little details and accessories.  Whenever you come across some interesting jewelry pieces or vintage purses, bags, scarf or hats, just buy it! Adding accessories is as important as choosing the right outfit for every occasion, it provides you an entirely new opportunity to express yourself and make a statement!

These are all simple tips and tricks that will help you show off your stylishness and update your outfits to look classy in every occasion.

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