How to Have a Low-Key Luxurious Atlanta Wedding Decor

Like everyone else, you would want your wedding to be easygoing and elegant. Today, the latest wedding trend is to have a perfect mix of two styles, a low key luxurious mixed with equal parts of vintage details from the décor to other details like the cuisine. It has to be a kind of party your friends, the family would want to attend, equipped with personal touches, and unique surprises present in all the elements.

The basic idea of hosting a wedding for many people is to have an intimate and small wedding. When you invite a smaller guest list, you will be able to work within a budget. Low-key luxury weddings are about having every detail in place without making much noise about it. The first step is to make sure that you hire the right wedding decorators in Atlanta.

Follow these tips if you want to pull off a flawless and balanced affair.

Choose the Perfect Place

In order to have the best wedding in town, you have to choose the right venue. You can opt for a space that would allow you to embrace luxury and casual details together. If you have a ballroom, this can be a fancy choice, while choosing an industrial building could appear somewhat laid-back. Going for an outdoor space is often the best choice, with the setting and appeal in perfect place. It can help to give your event a low-key look with the flexibility of you working with Let’s Celebrate Events event planners to add some elegant design elements. If the seasons aren’t on your side, vineyards, barns, and historic buildings are a great choice. Note that such specialty venues are often in high demand (and, low supply), so you should book early in order to get the best date.

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The Right Color Hues

When you settle on the place, you have to pick a palette that coordinates with the season and location. Neutrals and pastels such as blush, sage, and champagne can give your celebration a more unique and sophisticated feel. You can also use nature as a guide, especially if you plan to host guests outside. Here, light browns and fresh greens could help to keep things from appearing and feeling too formal. To give your palette some touch of personality, you can choose one pop color, such as sunny yellow, candy apple red or robin’s egg blue to break up the simple and softer hues. If you want to highlight some glam factor, you can add some metallic mix. Silver and gold are good options, but a rich copper touch feels fresh and it has a nice blend of the two styles.

Some Enticing Invites

You can add some touch of luxury to your wedding style with some motif. Perhaps, the invites could have some modern monogram or some drawing of the historic property where you will say, “I do.” To introduce this design, your stationery is a great place. You can carry it out in other details through the day. On the invites, you can also opt for casual and witty language to clue your guests on the fun activities they should expect during the celebration. Your invitation could be more traditional, but this piece of correspondence should also show off some side of your personality. Add some relaxed calligraphy, touches of foil, and illustrations are all good options. Have your designer also add some color that matches with the event theme color. Have the envelope in a stylish manner with an inner lining and coordinating stamps to add some luxurious touch your guests would love.

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Make a Big Statement with Dazzling Décor

Flowers are some of the best and easiest décor elements that help to add balance to events. Rather than having one color, you can ask your floral decorators to choose some bright in-season blooms. Opt for some lush flowers such as Juliet garden roses, dahlias, and ranunculus in various shades. Finally, you can mix in a number of non-floral options like berries, ferns or seeded eucalyptus. The key here is to go for texture. If you are planning to have an outdoor wedding, choosing flowers that not only play the part but also stand up to the venue can help to transform your wedding. Have some hand-tied bouquets with cascading leaves to strike the right amount of balance between easygoing and grand.

You can opt for low, some slightly undone centerpieces in mercury vases or urns for some opulent touch. If you have a bigger budget, you can upgrade the standard furniture rentals in favor of the farm tables and mismatched chairs. Add some luxurious linen runners and sparkly tabletops along with some special glassware and flatware. You should know that the table finery would help to make a noticeable statement.

The key to having a low-key luxurious wedding is to ensure that you work within your budget and have the best event planners working with you along each step of the way. Explore your options and choose to hire one only when you know they are up to the level of your expectations.

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