Male Fashion: Style Sins that are Holding You Back at Work

“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality” -Real Men Real Style

It has been said that the way you dress has a significant impact on how you are perceived at work. Although it does not necessarily do anything to boost your productivity nor does it leverage how well you perform, it does have a pivotal role in ensuring you would get ahead in terms of climbing the corporate ladder. If you find yourself fruitlessly putting in the hours and putting in twice the effort than you are used to with no imminent promotions and salary raises in the past few months you put in the work. In any case, if you have not been getting anywhere in your work–promotion or salary wise, it might be best to reevaluate what has been holding you back. In examining your success at work, your first step should be to revisit your fashion choices–after all, you cannot expect to be wearing your wholesale bob Marley clothing all the time and expect to be taken seriously. There is truth to the maxim of dressing for the job you want after all.

So, if you wish to get anywhere ahead in your corporate life, here are some of the style sins you should endeavor to avoid:

1) Being too casual

Sure, you want to be as laidback as you can, and this translates well enough in the assemblage of clothes you choose to go to work in every single day. Today, while this is an acceptable feat in most corporate environments seeing as most contemporary offices have relaxed dress codes, this in by no means should be taken to imply that you can wear week old ratty jeans and slippers to work. You still have to maintain a degree of professionalism after all and that should be evident in the way you dress for work. Maintain a balance between being casual enough to be comfortable and looking dapper enough to be considered a professional.

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2) Take your hat off

They present a style and fashion statement and are particularly useful during the colder season. However, while it serves as a great way to shield your head from the winter chills on the horizon, wearing your beanie inside corporate grounds daily can look unprofessional. When you reach the office, be sure to take it off, not only as a sign of professionalism but as a sign of respect as well. After all, wearing your hats indoors is an old way of suggesting to your host that you think their roof might cave at any moment.

3) Hem Woes

One of your investments should be in a well-tailored suit. In fact, nothing makes you look more dapper and professional than a suit that was made to really fit you. So, if you feel any sort of tugging on your jeans, chinos and your suit pants, have the tailor fix it immediately. Remember, if you pant leg is longer than your legs, you will end up repeatedly crushing your pants by your soles. As a result, you would destroy your pants and cause it to fray–not a good look for anyone who wishes to get ahead in the corporate environment.

4) Peacock

Although dressing your best in corporate settings is encouraged, know that this item has less to do with you and more to do with your superiors. There is such a thing as making too much of a statement with your ensemble of clothes and it might be ill-perceived or seen as “peacocking”. It sends a message to everyone in the workplace–and it is never well-received. You can dress from head to toe in designer and you still would not get that promotion you have been pitching for–why? Because your boss would probably think you are already doing so well in life, the extra raise in salary would be unnecessary–superfluous even.

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