Marriage Bureau for finding the right partner

There is a saying that marriages are made in heaven, but in India marriages and bonds are made on matrimonial sites and bureaus. Yes, this is something that is quite true; a lot of people in the quest to find the right life partner knock the door of a matrimonial bureau or get them registered on a matrimonial site.

The national capital of our country has a number of marriage bureaus in almost every nook and corner of the city. These marriage bureaus have made outlived quite easy and hassle-free, so those who are looking for a matrimonial bureau in Delhi as it is not that tough to find one.

A person just needs to pay a certain amount as enrolment fees, mention some person details like age, address, qualification and vital stats  and then let the bureau known about the type of life partner that person is in search of by stating the preferences.


A marriage bureau is known to provide some basic services like:

  • They personally interview the candidates first and meet before referring them to someone. One needs to submit the proof of their height, weight and work on the basis of which they find the right partner.
  • They first match the horoscope of two individuals before going any further.
  • Pre-marriage and post marriage counseling is also something that the marriage bureau deals with.
  • In case the authorities of the marriage bureau feel that there is some scope for improvement in a person’s personality then they help in that also.
  • First, they are the ones who meet the candidate and then fix the meeting among two parties.
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There are a number of matrimonial sites in Delhi NCR too but it is always suggested to look for a marriage bureau than for a matrimonial site.

Tips to select a matrimonial service provider

There are a few tips and guidelines that can help you in selecting the right matrimonial bureau.

  • Refer the internet for searching the right matrimonial bureau in Delhi. This way you can also read the reviews given online by the people regarding different bureaus.
  • Ask a friend, colleague or relative for a marriage bureau, this way you will take help from a bureau that has experience, and this would also give a guarantee of a bureau’s working culture.
  • If you are looking for a specific case, then there are bureaus that specially deal with matchmaking for specific communities. So, if you are a Punjabi looking for a Punjabi bride then take help from a matrimonial bureau dealing with Punjabi weddings only.
  • Go for a bureau keeping your budget in mind, there are a few bureaus that charge quite a heavy fee for getting the marriage done.

So, this is how matrimonial bureaus help a person in finding the right life partner by providing the right matrimonial services. Delhi has a number of bureaus so finding one is not a difficult task.

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