Disadvantages of Online Booking Systems

The travel and tourism industry may be growing by leaps and bounds globally, but online booking systems have their share of challenges for customers and travel operators.

Planning a trip overseas with the help of internet can be convenient. You can research on popular tourist locations at your own pace, choose the best hotel and flight reservations. But online booking systems can have its pitfalls. The travel and tourism industry has grown by leaps and bounds, but online booking systems have shortcomings. We have highlighted the challenges with the travel booking software for customers and tour operators.

Pitfalls for travel operators

Internet access

Travel operators may find it tough to run tours and activities on travel booking systems when they are unable to get access to the internet on any device. Thus, it is quite important for tourist operators to have a trustworthy internet connectivity to check reservations and add bookings.

Be ready for a flood of new customers

Travel booking software is a great way to fascinate new customers to book for a tour as a good number of them choose to book online from their mobile devices and computers. Nevertheless, if operators are running a small operation, without staff members, growing at a good pace will be a herculean task.

Not all online booking systems are created equal

When you are in a good position to grow your business, and if you choose a provider that offers poor customer service with few features, it will be annoying. Travel and tourist operators need to do their homework religiously and choose an online booking system that will help to grow your business over a long period.

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Avoid booking systems that don’t bring you new quality customers

A travel booking engine should be chosen that fits all the business needs that help to bring high-quality customers. Operators should carry out research to find a suitable travel booking engine that promises a consistent stream of quality customers.

Invest time and money

To find a suitable online booking system that meets the business needs can be quite exhausting. Before placing bets on a travel booking system, you will have to do a good amount of research to learn features of online booking systems. Operators need to spend some time and money on it. A booking system may be expensive, but they are worthwhile in the long run.

Drawback for travelers

Lack of Firsthand Knowledge

An online booking system does not give an opportunity to speak to any person who has sufficient knowledge of the services that one is booking. At times, you may find testimonials on a website, but one can never authenticate the validity of the testimonials.  In short, you will find it tough to build personal relationships with tour operators.

Loopholes in security

After a booking is made by an individual, sensitive personal data like home addresses, bank, and credit card details need to be shared to confirm booking. Having said that, the online booking process is an attractive target for cyber criminals who are always on the prowl to steal data. At the same time, bogus websites are also created to steal personal information. Everything is left to the individuals who go through the terms and conditions and make the desired payment.

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Restricted choice of itinerary

Online booking through low-cost sites may offer deep discounts. However, the discount you receive may come with many conditions. For instance, when booking a hotel or flight, you will be able to choose only your day of travel or class of hotel.

Real-time booking

There are many travel operators who allow people to book online but do not offer to book in real-time. It is easier to get confirmation through a telephone if booking is made immediately.

Competition in booking

As information with respect to traveling is available online, there is a wide customer base. The information that is available online in a particular country is now available to any person who has an internet connection. Everything is on the basis of first—come–first serve basis. Interestingly, low-cost options for the tours are available to only those individuals who see the advertisements and make payment instantly.


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