Online Prayer Conference:  Pastor Chris Oyakhilome & Phapsody

You have been invited as an honorary guest to Rhapsody’s online prayer conference. This live stream event is slated to be the largest gathering ever of its kind. It will commence on November 3rd through the 4th starting at 6 pm.

During this event, there will be time dedicated to the reading from the Rhapsody Of Realities Daily Devotionals. It is currently the No.1 daily devotional on earth. Viewers will be educated on Rhapsody and how to use it. The focus is to form a community and get closer Jesus Christ.

Make sure to download the KingsChat messaging app. It’s available for Android and IOS. Join KingsChat and get the latest updates and news. Make sure to visit Rhapsody online. Their beautiful website is packed with knowledge, and under their “CONNECT WITH US” tab they have various informative articles.

“God is not looking for people who raised themselves; He is looking for people He can raise. Make yourself available for God.” – Chris Oyakhilome

Who is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome?

A servant of Christ and his people, Chris Oyakhilome, is a pastor, instructor, healer and much more. He’s a regular television host and author of best-selling literature. With a track record of over 3 decades, he is the president of both the Christ Embassy as well as the President of Believers’ LoveWorld Inc.

About Christ Embassy

A centralized hub for a global conglomerate of diverse churches. The unifying force is Jesus Christ.

About Believers’ LoveWorld Inc.

Your all in one site for all things Christian. From books, audio CDs, DVDs, gifts, supplies, and more.

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What Is The Prayer Network & How Does It Work?

With a current following of over 40 million Pastor, Oyakhilome’s Prayer Network is a huge success. They are doing God’s work in each of the seven continents via the wise utilization of social media and apps like KingsChat. They have regularly scheduled prayer times always led by Pastor Chris. He also takes time out to counsel his flock through scripture and the Holy Ghost.

Rhapsody is striving in the spirit and as such is constantly growing to new heights. They are currently focusing on spreading the gospel throughout over 900 different languages.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Heals

Pastor Oyakhilome hosts classes in Johannesburg, South Africa during the fall session for Healing and spiritual health. Bringing the life resurrecting teachings of Christ to thousands of the people throughout the country.

How To Get In Contact With The Church

To locate a Christ Embassy church, they have a link entitled”Find Us” where you can search for a church by city, address, or zip code. They also have a place for donations with live help available (check times). Don’t forget to subscribe while you’re at their website.

Are You Ready For The Rhapsody Online Prayer Conference?

Don’t miss this online conference live stream that starts promptly at 6 pm and lasts from November 3rd through the 4th. Get in early because it is predicted to be the largest gathering of it’s kind ever to do this.

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