Online Proctoring and the facts you need to be aware of

In the present time, the concept of e-learning has gained a lot of popularity. With the advancement in technology, developers have managed to develop better tools for supporting this concept.

Presently, virtual proctoring spaces have also managed to gain significance. With the advancement in video proctoring tools, e-learning has managed to move to the main streams. With this at hand, thee is more demand for such services.


This is a type of test that is designed to help prevent the test taker from cheating or copying in the exam. The technique is used at the time of the test.


This refers to the person who is present at the time of the test. He is a well-trained professional who is trained to prevent students from cheating during the exam or test.

Why proctoring is important?

  • One of the most challenging issues faced by any organization is to try and provide a physical center for testing at the location of the candidate. One of the main difficulties is to administer the exams when going on.
  • In case you want someone to monitor the exams then it may not be easy to hire a well-qualified proctor for supervising the exam. At times it may also not be easy to check if the proctor was fair during the exam duration or not.
  • If the test centers are not available then you may also have to postpone the test for the candidates.
  • If you are not making use of the proctored online testing method, then there are chances that students can refer others and answer the questions. They also have a chance that they can refer online sites for answers or even check with their notebooks.
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Online proctoring

Online proctored exam offers numerous benefits. One main advantage is that the candidate is monitored during the exam. Apart from this the proctors also make use of the mic. Online screen access and webcam access to monitor the students.

Things you may need for online proctoring tests

In case you want to appear for any online proctoring test from any location, you may need following:-

1      you should have access to your personal device – mobile, laptop, desktop or a tablet pc.

2      it is important that you should have access to high-speed internet connection.

3      it is necessary to have a fully functional mic or webcam option.

4      You also need to ensure that you have access to the updated browser.

Types of Proctoring

In general, proctoring can be categorized into three main types.

1      Live proctoring

2      Recorded proctoring

3      Automated proctoring

Each of the above-mentioned offers its own features and benefits. The Live proctoring type makes use of human proctors to monitor the exams. This is done via mic, screen monitoring, and webcam monitoring.

The recorded proctoring makes use of recording facility for monitoring the tests. The software records every move of the candidate at the time of the testing and human proctor can review it later for preparing the report.

The advanced proctoring makes use of advanced technologies for monitoring tests. The session of the testing are recorded and makes use of advanced features for providing the results of the proctoring.

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