How to Organize Your Diaper Bag

Most new parents are not sure about how to organize their child’s diaper bag and will typically ask other mothers for their advice on how to get ready. Some experienced moms will have some really useful ideas and others will seem a little extreme. Some parents get so intense about organizing a diaper bag that they forget to pack their own bag for the hospital stay. Don’t be one of those parents!

During the first few weeks of their life, organizing your diaper bag together is pretty easy. Because your new baby is going to be sleeping a lot and their needs are minimal. But after a couple of months, you might find that the newly purchased diaper bag may is not large enough to hold all of the items your baby needs. If you haven’t selected a bag yet, visit our page of diaper bag favorites.

Soon-to-be parents know the standard fare – diapers, wipes, and burp cloths and a toy or two but other items never come to light until they are needed. Don’t underestimate the amount of clothes you’ll need for baby, figure on a new set of clothes for every feeding. Babies generally spit up after each and every feeding.

For future use, pack a soothing container of diaper rash ointment in one of your diaper bag’s pockets and an ample supply of nipple cream if mom is nursing. They will both come in handy at times you when you will least expect it.

Another great tip is to place the items above and any other creams, lotions and medications in separate plastic zippered bags – it makes things easier to find and pull while managing, feeding and changing a fussy baby! And keep a couple of empty zippered bags in your backpack diaper bag as well. You’ll never know when you need to change a diaper without access to a restroom or a trash can!

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