Ponytail Hairstyle – 6 Different Ways Style with Curly Hair

Be it straight hair or curly hair; ponytails are the easiest hairstyles to achieve that elegant and sophisticated look. While definitely, you can be versatile with creating ponytails with straight hair, but even if you have curly hair, then you can tie them up into gorgeous ponytails without any limitations.

To your surprise, when it is a ponytail then curly hair looks much better than the straight hair. So, check these 6 amazing curly hair ponytail hairstyles that are easy to prepare and to stunning look!

1. Low Ponytail for Curly Hair

This is the simplest and easiest ponytail for curly hair that can be prepared in just a few simple steps.low ponytail

Things You Need

  • Flat Iron
  • Hair Elastic Band
  • Curling Barrel


  1. Take a flat iron and straighten the front part of your hair. Brush them well and place the straighten hair at the back of the head.
  2. Hold the hair in place to one side where you wish to prepare your ponytail. Brush well the remaining hair and tie them in a ponytail with an elastic band.
  3. If you have too wavy hair, then you may section the hair into distinct sections.
  4. Create some curls with a curling barrel.
  5. Complete the look with a hair gel.`

2. Messy Ponytail

This is another amazing and easy to prepare ponytail that requires only a few minutes to be done.messy ponytail

Things You Need

  • Hair elastic
  • Curling Barrel


  1. Start brushing your hair gently to remove all the tangles.
  2. Hold the hair in one hand and create a ponytail with a hair elastic.
  3. Keep the ponytail slightly high.
  4. Create some additional curls at the back with a curler.
  5. You can even create some natural waves if you don’t want curls.
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3. High Ponytail

This is a perfect ponytail hairstyle for long, curly hair.high ponytail

Things You Need

  • Hair Elastic
  • Curling Tool
  • Flat Iron


  1. Straighten the front section of hair and tease it.
  2. Take one elastic band and create a ponytail starting right from the head’s crown.
  3. Apply gel to keep the hairstyle in place and make it easier to manage your long tresses.
  4. With the curling iron create some loose, bouncy bangs with hair in a ponytail.

4. Side Ponytail

This side curly ponytail look is amazing and is perfect for a party look and a special event.side ponytail

Things You Need

  • Flat Iron
  • Hair Elastic
  • Curling Machine


  1. Use a flat iron to straighten the front section of the look.
  2. Even straight hair people can prepare this hairstyle by parting the hair and holding them in one side where the ponytail needs to be prepared.
  3. Secure the ponytail with a hair elastic and curl the hairs into sections.
  4. Curl them into distinct volumes and shapes.
  5. Let the front section fall on your face.

5. Curly Ponytail

This is a simple yet elegant ponytail that does not require your hair to be straightened up.

Things You Need

  • Hair Elastic
  • Bobby Pin


  1. Brush your hair and detangle them.
  2. Hold the hair from the back tightly and take them to middle height.
  3. Secure with a hair elastic.
  4. Take few strands and wrap it around elastic so that the elastic is not visible.
  5. Secure the end of strands with a bobby pin.
  6. Apply some hairspray to get a clean look.

6. Braided Ponytail

If you love braids and want them to enhance the look of your curly, wavy hair, then you will surely love this hairstyle.

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Things You Need

  • Hair elastic
  • Accessory to style the braid


  1. Take few strands of your hair from one side and braid them.
  2. Tease the braid from the end to keep it secured.
  3. Take few more strands from below the braided hair and create another braid.
  4. Do the same to secure the second braid.
  5. Hold your entire hair tightly and take them to medium length, including the braided hair.
  6. Secure the braided hair with a hair elastic.
  7. You can enhance the look of your braids by adorning them with small, glittering hair accessories.

If you have curly hair naturally, then you can start preparing these ponytail hairstyles, but even if you have straight hair, you can always use a curling tool and try these amazing ponytail ideas.

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