Top Reasons to Visit the Cayman Islands

Many people don’t see a reason to visit the Cayman Islands unless they have a huge offshore bank account.

But the truth is you don’t have to have a super thick wallet to enjoy this financial haven!

The Caymans are actually friendly to many types of tourists: those who want to relax, those who seek adventure and those who want to party, and everyone can find something to do on this beautiful island instead of binge-visiting banks! Here are our top picks for your perfect Cayman adventure!

Perfect weather

Forget capricious New York springs or rainy European summers—the Caymans exist in perpetual sunshine accompanied by a light breeze! Basically, whenever you decide to visit, you can enjoy the perfect summer weather, swim and sunbathe in a comfy 80+ degrees.

Diving adventures

Once you see the Cayman Island’s crystal waters, white sandy beaches, and colorful coral reefs, you’ll understand why these small Caribbean islands are known as a diving heaven. They have so many diving sites that you can visit a different one every day of the year! The Caymans really have it all—from fascinating shipwrecks and tame shore dives to steep wall dives and even night adventures! So, if you want to experience the underwater world up-close and personal, this is the place to do it!

Cute stingrays

If you’re not a huge fan of deep water diving, you can still experience the amazing marine life of the Caymans up-close. Just visit the famous Stingray City where friendly southern rays come to hang out and chomp on some food from tourists. This is the perfect opportunity to experience a fun scuba diving Grand Cayman adventure, since Stingray City is suitable for all levels of diving expertise. Plus, the rays are super friendly and even let you touch them, which your kids will love. Just don’t forget to get an underwater camera to snap a few Instagram photos!

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Fun horse rides

For those who feel best on firm land, Caymans have super fun horse ride tours. You get to ride along the gorgeous beaches and even go bareback riding through the water! Many people described it as the most freeing experience in their lives, with the warm sun on your back and cool water splashing on your feet. It’s a must-try adventure!

Savory dishes

If you’re a hardcore foodie, you’ll simply love the Caymans. They are the unofficial capital of Caribbean cuisine with their fresh fish dishes, mouth-watering shellfish, and savory meats. It’s not only traditional Caribbean food that you can eat there. Caymans are a true melting pot of races, nationalities, and cultures, so you can find almost any international restaurant present. This way, if you ever get tired of fish and shellfish, you can feast on French, Mexican, Italian, American and Asian delicacies. No matter if you book a gourmet 5-star restaurant or opt for some street food, you’ll in for a treat!

Tasty Cakes

Don’t think Caymanians only know how to make delicious savory foods. If you have a sweet tooth that needs to be satisfied, stop at any restaurant, bar or store for a taste of original Tortuga Rum Cake. They taste amazing and serve as the perfect souvenir from your Cayman adventure. Don’t forget to sample their refreshing fruitcake and moist cassava cakes. You’re going to need to diet when you come back!

The people

Caymanians are a super hospitable nation. They are people who believe in love, family, kindness, acceptance, and affection, and you’ll feel completely welcome from the moment you land to the moment you leave the Cayman Islands. Aside from all of the natural beauties, the Caymans are blessed with—its people are its biggest treasure!

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How are you still not packed?!?

Go grab your partner or your friends and start your Cayman adventure today. You’ll definitely not regret a second spent in this tropical heaven.

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