Remotely Track Your Business Employees GPS Location History

Monitoring and tracking software applications have evidenced their significance in managing the workforce and tracking the company-owned devices in the best interest of the small and medium scale businesses. The entrepreneurs across the world have been experimenting with different monitoring software to keep their workforce under surveillance. While some software apps enable them to track the mobile phones and computer devices of the workforce, some other allow managing and enhancing the employee productivity. These apps provide great support to the business owners and managers in remotely monitoring the workers’ activities, streamlining business operations and protecting company assets and confidential data. This article discusses how employers can use the tracking apps to monitor their remote workers.

Why Track Business Employees’ Location History

The carrier companies are required to monitor the locations of their traveling workers to make sure they are on assigned route. Employee monitoring lets you find out how your workers execute their responsibilities while remaining away from the workstation. The unproductive employees do not bother spending the working hours in fulfilling their personal and unproductive tasks. While the workers of carrier companies are required to deliver assignments on time, they cannot afford to get late owing to their personal concerns. Meanwhile, taking the lengthy and busy route can also restrict them from fulfilling their job on time. Similar to the carrier companies, the other businesses can also monitor their traveling marketing and sales staff to stay updated on their performance.

How to Track Employees’ Location History

The employee monitoring software enables the employers to be informed of their workers’ location. The software tracks the location of the remote workers by monitoring their mobile phones. Once you install the tracking app on the mobile phone of your workers, you can find out the whereabouts of your workers anytime and from anywhere. When the employer gets him registered for the employee tracking software, he/she is given access to the online account of the monitoring software. The data synced from the mobile phone of workers including the GPS location history is uploaded to that online account.

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Track Employees’ Location History with TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy is cross-platform tracking software which is developed for the businesses to keep their workers under surveillance. This software allows the employers and business managers to supervise the activities of their workers performed on their cell phones, tablets and computer devices. It enables them to monitor the internal and external communication of their workers syncing the messages of workers received and sent via monitored devices. It involves messages containing text, images, videos and audios exchanged via default messaging apps, social media apps and instant messengers. The spy app also records phone calls and accesses call logs, emails, keylogs and internet browsing history.

The monitoring software offers a broad range of features which includes the GPS location tracking. By logging into the online account of the monitoring software, the employers can find out the whereabouts of their workers. The app uses the mobile phone tracker to keep a record of the locations visited by the workers. It shows the exact current GPS location of the targeted mobile phone as well as the location history of that device. You can know where your transporter is at the moment; whether he is on assigned route or not; how much time he requires reaching the target location. The current location of the mobile phone of your marketing and sales staff can let you figure out whether your traveling workers are executing their jobs or having their personal chores done.

The geo-fencing feature of the Tracking software allows the employers to mark multiple locations to be notified of your worker’s entrance and departure from the marked locations. For instance, you can mark location A where your worker is required to deliver the assignment. The monitoring application will not just track the journey of your worker but it would also notify you when the worker reaches the location. You can know how much time he spent there and when he left. This entire information can be used to evaluate the performance of the remote workers and measure their productivity level.

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Monitor Employees’ Surroundings with TheOneSpy

The employee monitoring software offers the cutting-edge feature of surround monitoring to allow the employers to see the scenes and listen to the sounds in the vicinity of the monitored phone. By logging into the online account of the monitoring app, you can turn on the microphone of the cell phone of your worker to listen to the voices and sounds hearable near the monitored phone. Moreover, the camera of the monitored phone can be turned on to view the surrounding scenes. You can take photos and make videos using both the rear and front camera of the monitored phone. You can send multiple commands to prolong the secret voice and video recording process. Whatever you record with the help of the secret camera and microphone get uploaded to the online account of the spyware. This leaves no clue for the target worker of monitoring. You can see the photos and videos and listen to the sounds of the surroundings right from the online account.

The Bottom Line

The inexpensive tracking software can avert huge monetary and productivity losses to the businesses. Monitoring of employees working within and beyond the workstation does not just prevent them from getting involved in unproductive and personal chores but also encourage them to give their best to the company.


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