Full review of Panasonic ErgoFit Earbud

There are a lot of headphones available online and in the market but finding the right one for yourself can be tricky. If you are looking for excellent sound quality and bass than the Panasonic ErgoFit should definitely be your choice. The design is appealing, and the different color variant makes it a perfect choice. The best thing about these headphones is the sound quality that is just awesome to grab anyone’s attention. Also, the price range is quite affordable enough to suit your budget.

If you are looking for something that comes under $10, then this can prove to be a great one. Here are some of its features that make it so popular among the buyers.

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Captivating design

Its design is something that will catch your attention at the very first glance. You can opt for the many color options and enjoy error free listening. Whether you want to use them while traveling or driving, these are just apt for any place. The earbuds are soft enough to offer a comfortable experience. The oval shape offers the right fitting with thin cords that are long enough. The color choices that you will get are purple, white, pink, black and blue.

Another appealing aspect is the ultra-thin inline remote with a single button that offers easy control of the same. Thus you can play as well as pause the music as per your choice.

Audio quality

The biggest concern of the buyers while purchasing the ear bud is their sound quality as everyone wants to enjoy the top quality sound. With Panasonic ErgoFit you need not worry about the quality as it is just incomparable. The big bass is definitely a feature that not only enhances the listening experience but makes sure the sound is crystal clear. There is a perfect blend of various sound quality thus giving you the option to adjust it as per the requirements. What more can you ask for in just 410 headphones?

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Highly affordable

Next thing is the price range of the headphones. There is no doubt that Panasonic ErgoFit is definitely one of the cheapest headphones you will come across under $10. There is no need to waste money on buying the expensive headphones as this one is much more affordable with all the desired features. So why spend more when you already have an option that it is suitable for your budget.

Comfortable to use

One of the highlighting features is the three different kinds of fitting that offer a comfortable musical experience. The three sizes include small, medium and large which can be used keeping in mind your ear size. So you can listen to music and keep doing your workout without having the tension of the falling earbuds. This is yet another unique feature that you won’t find in other headphones as an only single option is available in the others.

Access multiple features using inline remote

Using the inline remote, you can not only play and pause but move the track forward and backward with a double click. There are very few people who are familiar with this feature and therefore confine themselves with the play and pause option only. With a triple click, you can fast forward the track itself thus providing you multiple options and functions to perform.

Cons of Panasonic ErgoFit

The only drawback is that the cord is a little thing and therefore it gets entangled. Sorting it becomes quite difficult, and if you handle it with pressure, there are chances that it might get broken. Thus, you need to handle it with care and make sure it is sorted and kept together to overcome the problem.

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Overall it is a worth buying device as features are amazing and you too will like it once you start using. The price range is also low thus you need not think much but places your order today. There are no other headphones that are packed with top notch features and fall in your budget as well. So buy it now and enjoy a fabulous experience.

Thin cord

The cord is thin and long enough to be used without any problem. The quality of the cord might not be that good, but still, it is worth the money.

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