Rhapsody of Realities

Rhapsody of Realities is a daily life guide, giving you God’s Word in a new, fresh perspective each day. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome creates a topic for each day and delivers a daily scripture and message in each segment of Rhapsody, there is also a daily confessional and Bible reading segment.

Today’s devotional word is the word for a sure foundation. Stating, “The word of God has the ability to make a sick man well, turn a sinner into a saint, and a failure into a success.” The daily word says that when you trust in the Word of God and put it to work in your life, you are living a sure foundation for a better life.

The best time to read or listen to Rhapsody of Realities message is during a quiet time of the day. Perhaps that time after work when you get home and you are relaxing in your favorite chair waiting for supper to be ready. This way your mind is completely shut off from all negativity and you are able to take in the Word of God with a positive outlook.

Pastor Chris and his messages are now coming to you on a television set near you, on Rhapsody T.V. comes broadcast into your home, giving you God’s daily word in whatever language you speak, for those who can not read the message or cannot go to his live sermons. Rhapsody T.V. is the next best thing to being there live.

You can also catch the Rhapsody on Web T.V., Pastor Chris publishes his daily messages in two-part series for view on the internet. Similar to Rhapsody T.V., but if you miss the broadcast time, you can catch it later at your convenience online.

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There are different categories to click on once you click the Rhapsody T.V. link. There is the “ReachOut Campaign Highlights”. there is a video called “ReachOut Zimbabwe 2015” when clicking on the video it takes the viewer around the world showing clips of all the ReachOut Campaigns.

The next link is the “Mission’s Diary”. This is another video instructing how you can become involved with the Rhapsody movement and help distribute the message around the world in several different languages.

“My Passion on Rhapsody” talks about the Apostles, how people have joined the movement to spread God’s Word to their fellow mankind.

Then yet another link called, “Rhapsody Travels”. These videos take the viewer on travels with the “Messenger Angel” to Amsterdam, Poland, (there is a part A and part B with this one), Travels in the Pacific, part A and B also, and the “ReachOut Campaign for Travels to Ghana”, India, and finally the United States and Hawaii. All of these videos show the viewer how they can “Reach Out” and help spread God’s Message through the Rhapsody movement.

The Rhapsody Daily messages can be found each day that you visit the site https://www.rhapsodyofrealities.org/rorwebtv/?cat=6. The message on September 10th was:

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the principles, powers, and rulers of the darkness in this world, against the spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12). This message one could relate to the constant turmoil and hate our world has been involved in most recently with the threats from North Korea; and also, the terrorist threats of the Muslim Group called ISIS.

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The Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is trying to spread the word of God around the world in hopes that this hate we are all witnessing can be a distant memory in the past.

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